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07/21/2017 04:16PM
As I prep food for trips, I have been putting my dehydrated meals in the freezer. Is this overkill for storage? Am I causing any issues with putting them in the freezer?
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07/21/2017 04:30PM
That's typically where I store my dried stuff, too. Longer term storage will be vacuum packed and put in the deep freezer. I've got lots of fruit and leathers that I made for our trip earlier this month in the regular freezer in ziplocs too.
Grandma L
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07/21/2017 06:59PM
Like he said... freezer extends the shelf life - to a year or so if frozen.
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07/21/2017 08:21PM
Our dehydrated items always go in the freezer, We have some stuff in there now that is going on a couple of years and is still good.
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07/22/2017 03:16PM
Thanks for the feedback everyone. I store mine in ziplocs as well. When I pull them out to use, they get some condensation on the outside, and that was one of my concerns. I will continue to use the freezer for storage.
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07/25/2017 12:57PM
I seal it with my foodsaver and then put it in freezer.

We ate some items from 2015 on our last trip and they were just fine. I went a bit wild the first year I owned my dehydrator so now this summer I am trying to eat the older items that are left. Makes for an adventure when meal planning... let's look at the bucket in the freezer and then give some meal choices to the group!

I have not eaten any meat that old... the only meat we dehydrate is ground turkey and I haven't had that more than a year old. For some reason that makes me more nervous than the other items (rice, beans, spag sauce, pizza sauce, curry sauce, veggies, soup, chili) Hmm.. guess the soup and chili both have meat (chick or turk) in them and we haven't gotten sick yet.
07/25/2017 04:37PM
I had taco beef last year that had been dehydrated for a year and was fine. I kept it vacuum sealed & in the deep freezer.

I also have green beans in the deep freezer that were blanched, vacuum sealed & frozen after harvest in 2015. I recently pulled out a bag and they were still good quality. Vacuum sealing helps tremendously in extending storage life, as does colder environments than most kitchen refrigerators can offer.
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07/25/2017 09:52PM
Vacuum pack, then freezer. If condensation is a concern when thawing, try thawing in the refrigerator.
If it is something like powdered spaghetti sauce don't suck out all the air when vacuuming the bag- it turns into solid mass.
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07/29/2017 08:00AM
I guess I'm the odd man out on this. I don't freeze or vacuum pack anything anymore. My daughter and I just had meal last week that consisted of dehydrated gravy, mixed vegetables and hamburger that I prepared for a Sept 2016 trip. I've eaten meals or used ingredients that are well over a year old that have just been stored in the pantry in ziploc bags and mason jars.
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