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member (11)member
08/11/2017 05:28PM
Hey all. I would appreciate it if you could comment on a few route segment options.

What route would you take from upper Kawnippi to Connmee (would involve either death march or if we have time at that point, Poobah/memory lane).

For Kawnippi to Poobah (then Conmee), how would you get from Kawnippi to Fred… a south route through Metacryst, Eag, or a north route through Keets, Russel, Sturgeon? Secondly, is there another choice other than Fred to Poohbah through Allan (and how is that creek Fred to Allan)? Or can you get to Allen from Camel other than going up to Fred?

Easiest route from Conmee to Prairie Portage? We have always ended up at Sarah, through series of small lakes that include Side, Isabella, North Bay, Burke and out.

Really appreciate it!
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distinguished member (136)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
08/11/2017 09:03PM
I tried Allen Creek three years ago in high water. I got past the first three portages from Fred and then hit moose pasture. I suppose you could walk the moose pasture but it was quite clear to me that the beavers that kept the creek high and left during the drought years have yet to return. The next year I went into Allan lake via Poobah and looked at the bush heading toward Hoare and concluded it was too thick to bushwhack. A few canoeists have bushwhacked from Camel to Hoare but I have not heard of anyone going onto Allen. I recommended to the park ranger that they open that route now that the creek is not navigable but so far no reaction
distinguished member(2131)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
08/12/2017 10:53AM
I went from Kawnipi to Conmee via the Poets chain, then to McDougal-Camel-Veron-Delahay. The Death March wouldn't have been bad at all except when I did it it had many many small trees bent over the trail from a spring snowstorm.

Are you getting a tow out? If not, consider exiting via Wind Bay/Wind Lake. From Conmee, I went to Brent, McIntyre, Robinson, Kett to Basswood.
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08/13/2017 08:28AM
The easiest way from Kawnipi to Fred would be via the Poet Chain (your northern route). The portages here are all pretty simple and the waterfalls along the way are pretty impressive. The Cutty Creek way can be a bit more challenging depending on water levels and requires many more portages. I've done both ways a few times each. Enjoyed them both.

2 years ago I did Allan Creek and had no issues. The water levels seemed better than previous reports of missing beavers.

Hoare Lake intel will not and shall not be shared on this public forum. :)
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