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08/21/2017 10:22PM
New Trip Report posted by cmarie

Trip Name: Our Sawbill Sojourn.

Entry Point: 38

Click Here to View Trip Report
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08/21/2017 11:06PM
Sounds like you really enjoyed your trip!
08/22/2017 08:44AM
Well writen report! Thanks for sharing. What a great way to spend your birthday.
Guest Paddler
08/31/2017 10:47AM
Really nice and well written report. I look forward to your next one.
08/31/2017 11:42AM
Well written. I love seeing families enjoying the outdoors together!
Guest Paddler
09/02/2017 07:01AM
Nicely written. I really appreciated the trip report. I love when families. Get to go together in the BWCA.

On the fishing note. Next time y’all go check out the fishin forum if you hadn’t and you should be able to do better on the fishing. If not I know a few good places you’d catch all you’d want to eat.
distinguished member(858)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/03/2017 05:14PM
One of the most enjoyable reports I've ever read.
The BWCA NEEDS!! you in it!
Happy birthday.
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