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      Trip Report - 2017 5 days Mudro to Fall     
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member (14)member
08/22/2017 09:56AM
New Trip Report posted by Alisdairmartin

Trip Name: 2017 5 days Mudro to Fall.

Entry Point: 4

Click Here to View Trip Report
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08/22/2017 01:40PM
Thanks, enjoyed your videos and report. Nice story telling.

Link to YouTube channel
senior member (75)senior membersenior member
09/04/2017 02:35PM
Great videos, with each trip you improve your video skills. I'll be heading up to Basswood on the 14th....though I really hope we do not have a run in with your bear. Once was bad enough 20 years ago, haha. Plus I have a new paddler with me, the last thing I want ruining our trip is a bear encounter, YIKES. Planning on mostly sticking to Pipestone, the narrows, and the SW corner of Basswood on this trip. I usually clean my fish away from camp- I find a nice rock with a good landing at least 100 yards or more away, and I leave the guts out for the seagulls and eagles to make off with- best cleanup crew around. The only thing I can't control is the bouquet of smells that emit from camp whilst cooking meals, haha. This time around I bought a fleet of OpSaks....and going to extreme lengths to be invisible to bears out in the woods. My last encounter was similar to yours...we made it back to the entry point in record time the next morning..believe me, haha.
09/06/2017 01:03PM
Nice films mate, very much enjoyed them.
09/06/2017 02:22PM
In reply to your youtube question.
Myself and three mates did a Beaverhouse to Prairie Portage route last year for my fiftieth birthday. We flew from Heathrow. It was a fantastic experience. I feel so lucky to be going again this year.
I did a trip report of my trip but all the photos have gone now.
senior member (83)senior membersenior member
09/12/2017 03:57PM
Great report/vid!
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