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member (9)member
08/28/2017 09:24AM
Looking to buy a few paddles and portage pads if anyone has any. I am bringing in a group of 8 this fall and these would be the last few things I need to outfit the excursion.

As far as the paddles are concerned, I was hoping to pick up about 6 aluminum/plastic, bent shaft or straight, Carlisle paddles similar to the ones the outfitters rent. Don't necessarily need to be Carlisle but they are the ones I have seen. Essentially looking for something inexpensive and durable.

Also looking for about 3 pairs of clamp on block style, portage pads. Or one bolt on that would fit an Alumicraft canoe.

I would like to avoid shipping cost so would be able to pick up anywhere from Minneapolis area to Ely area.


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member (43)member
09/02/2017 12:07PM
I've got a 54" Carlisle and a sturdy 63" wooden Sawyer paddle I'd be willing to part with for $10 each.
09/03/2017 01:11PM
I have a set of portage pads that I will give you. Either provide an address here, or email me with your address and I will send them. I may actually have more; will look and let you know.
member (9)member
09/03/2017 05:27PM
Thanks to both of you!

GoNorth, are you around the cities? I would be happy to take the Carlisle off your hand and potentially the sawyer. Shoot me an email and we can
set up a time that works for you. If you are closer to Ely, I will be up there the weekend of the 16th.

Frenchy- email sent. And thank you and let me know what shipping is, as I would be happy to cover that.

member (43)member
09/05/2017 04:05PM
I sent you an email on 9/4
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