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09/02/2017 11:14AM
Anyone have thoughts/tips on fishing these lakes in Mid-September? I know they hold decent numbers of Walleyes and Northern; but I don't see Smallies on the lake data reports. How about any adjacent lakes?
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distinguished member(1359)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/02/2017 11:38AM
There are both smallies and largies in Ensign...I like chasing the bucketmouths, if only because it's kind of neat (to me, at least) to catch a fish that's not all that widespread up there.

By mid-September, it's likely the smallies will be deep. If you can find them, you can have a very fun time indeed. For largies, I'd find the greenest, healthiest weeds possible. They'll most likely be there. Pike will be in those same weeds, too.
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09/02/2017 01:12PM
Just SSE Ashigan had plenty of smallies a few yrs ago
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