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Paul Sexton
Guest Paddler
09/06/2017 08:23AM
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Paul Sexton
Guest Paddler
09/06/2017 08:25AM
Well, I screwed up the initial posting so will continue with a reply.
Our group of two set out from Mudro as solo paddlers. One intent on making the loop, the other making for Beartrap/Thunder for a week of solitude. Things seldom work out as planned...

The previous evening we had heavily contributed to the mortages of both the Ely Steakhouse and the Wabbit. The subsequent effects were felt the next morning... and it was raining. We made it to Fourtown before deciding to both take the first spot available, wait out the rain. Decided to stay that evening and caught a couple pike off the bank for dinner.

Next am we split up, one heading to Beartrap with the other following to Gull. We're both using solo canoes from Winnenonah, a Prism and an Encounter. Great canoes. Rented them from Canoe Country, who I cannot recommend highly enough.

Week was uneventful. Good weather. Bugs, especially the mosquitoes were horrible. Met back up on the Moose river for a whitecap filled Fourtown paddle. Solo is the only way to go.
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