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      Anyone else have a recipe gone wrong???     
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11/17/2017 01:17AM
On my late fall solo I took along some gravy mix along in a ziplock bag to have over fry bread for breakfast. I rehydrated the hamburger, boiled 1 1/4 cup of water [according to my directions on the ziplock bag] poured the water, hamburger, and "gravy" togather and let them heat by the fire while I fried the bread. When I got done with the bread I noticed the "gravy" was well... STIFF, should have been at least pourable. I added some more water, stirred it then added more water till it would pour, took a bunch more. I broke up the bread into my metal cup poured the "gravy" on and then found out it was instant potatoes. Not exactally what I expected but since I hadn't had anything hot to eat for 2 days I dug right in, it wasn't bad. FRED
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11/17/2017 06:20AM
I can see that labeling your Ziploc bags could be a factor.

In the end you "dug right in, it wasn't bad". I do most to all the cooking for our group. I swear, they will eat almost anything and call it good. Something about the wilderness setting.
11/17/2017 07:59AM
The "gone wrong" is something I'll readily admit, but tend to forget the specifics fast, such as "Spring Wing Turkey".

"Bent recipes", is a term I like better. Such as a pancake meal at Road America. I normally carry Bisquick Complete packaged mixes for general baking. Grabbed a pack from my supplies to accompany the eggs and bacon, mixed with some milk and proceeded to produce a stack of cakes for breakfast. My son mentioned something did not smell right, and looked at what I made.
Bisquick Complete Cheese Garlic Biscuits, produced odd flavored pancakes with maple syrup. Very different!

11/18/2017 02:05AM
Label the ziplock bag??? I did sort-of-kind-of label the bag. Writing how much water to add is labeling, right?? This year I will try to remember to write what is in the bag along with how much water to add. A person can make these "bent recipes" when your soloing but it could get you fired with a group, yeah right. Ken I love that term "Bent recipes". FRED
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11/18/2017 06:48AM
Camp Cook is like Judge... it is a lifelong appointment, and you can't be fired.
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11/18/2017 08:30PM
I was preparing some freeze dried meals on my most recent trip. I grabbed two large water bottles of filtered water, one that I mixed peach lemonade in and one for the freeze dried meals. I grabbed a pot and added 5 cups of water, brought it to a boil, split it between the two freeze dried meals, stirred them up good, sealed them and put them in cozies to "cook". I grabbed my peach lemonade and went and sat down and took a nice big sip. Plain filtered water.
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11/20/2017 10:10PM
I enjoy cooking at home but don't care what I eat when I'm in the woods (where, to me, everything tastes good). Once, in an effort to add some variety, I tried to make a tuna dish with foil tuna, some noodles, some powdered milk, a little hot sauce, a dash of lemon juice, etc. It wasn't good.

In fact, it turned out so bad the consistent reminders of its failings many years after the attempt have forced me in recent trips to relegate myself to dishwashing duty, in effect forcing my tripmate (who will most certainly read this post, and who couldn't cook Hamburger Helper on a Thermador range if Peter himself required him to do so in the hope of passing through the pearly gates) to do the cooking. As I said, I don't care what I eat in the woods.

But I do hope he stops complaining about that lumpy, overly spicy, oddly citrusy burnt tuna noodle dish I once made. Sound like a deal, Brent?
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12/07/2017 09:56PM
On a backpacking trip on the Olympic Peninsula once, I brought "manifold burritos" for lunch:

Ham, mustard, diced onions, and swiss cheese rolled in tortias and then in foil. I made them the day before. When we stopped the car for lunch, the plan was to set them on the hot exhaust manifold on the motor to heat up into melty goodness.

The car we were in, however, had a much more compact engine bay and didn't have a suitable place to heat up the burritos. They few bites that were eaten were mostly cold: and had been saturated overnight with an amazingly strong flavor of raw onions.
12/08/2017 12:03PM
Philmont 2016, after a long hard day on the trail we were all looking forward to the evening's dinner - Jambalaya. Unfortunately we tossed the packaging with the directions a couple days earlier to try to cut down on bulk and weight. Turns out, the jambalaya was a traditional preparation... boil then simmer for a half hour or so. We tried to prepare ours "the Philmont way" and ended up with partially rehydrated beans and crunchy uncooked rice. To say it was nasty would be a compliment to the chef. That was probably the lowest point of the trek, which also happened to be just after the midpoint.

Thankfully I don't believe we've had any disasters in canoe country. There was a homestyle chicken rehydrated meal we made on Ensign that was tasty, but a real mess to prepare.
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