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12/05/2017 07:02PM
I am looking to buy a Souris River Q16 or 17; a MNII; or a Bell/Northwind tandem for paddling on the lakes of the Canadian shield.
Basically looking for a nice, used kev boat.
I can drive several hundred miles from Chicago to pick up.
Hit my email envelope with any responsive items.
Thanks. JIM
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12/06/2017 01:59PM

James, I just sent you an email.
12/06/2017 02:14PM
emails ongoing
distinguished member(1163)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
12/07/2017 04:05PM
That's boat-porn if I've ever seen it.

Also, fwiw, I have a Northwoods, and it's the best tripping and fishing combo I could ever hope for. Blackgold is a cherry on top.
12/08/2017 12:37PM
email sent to USM.
Sure is a pretty boat, but more than we're looking for.
Still looking, so if you have something in the 16-17 foot range...
distinguished member(925)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
12/10/2017 09:38PM
OMG, I'm a purveyor of boat porn! My mother would be ashamed ;)
01/06/2018 09:31AM
01/15/2018 09:18AM
As you know I just finished my search for a canoe so I've been looking all over the place. Have you been checking with the outfitters? If not.... here's some info on what I found.... Sawbill and Sawtooth have theirs listed on their websites with pictures.

Sawbill Outfitters has a Wenonah Adirondack for $1450 (this canoe was my backup that if it was still available in the spring and I hadn't found something from a private seller I was going to get) They also have Wenonah 17 and Wenonah MN2's for $1450-$1500. Sawbill refinishes their canoes before the sell them.

Sawtooth Outfitters has a Wenonah 17 for $1400 and an Itasca for $1200. Not sure if these are refinished.

Gunflint Outfitters emailed me a flyer with used canoes that they were selling when I asked if they had anything for sale. You could email them and ask for it. This was in Nov. so I don't know what's still available. They had SR 17's for $800 and $1200, Northwind 17's for $1900+ and some others.

Rockwood Outfitters contacted me and they had a couple of Wenonah Spirit 2s for $1400.

There has been a Northwind 17 on St. Cloud MN Craiglsist for $1600

Sorry if this info doesn't help you. I thought I'd throw it out there just in case it did help because I know you really want to find something.
01/15/2018 01:36PM
Thanks, ducks. Yeah, I have been looking at outfitters, too.
My real target is a 16-16.5' tandem that I can also use as a solo.
I have a Prism I would sell( one buyer waiting).
I currently have a line on a nice Bell Prospector 16 in black gold layup.
Once seller gets back to town I think we may do a deal.
BUT, since that's not a sure thing I am still looking.
01/15/2018 02:52PM
Yeah..... that Prospector looked sweet from the other thread. Good Luck! It looks like a beauty. Definitely worth taking a look.

If that falls through...... The Adirondack at Sawbill is a small tandem that can be used solo. In the Gunflint Outfitters flyer there were two 2017 Northstar Polaris for $1950. From the pics they didn't look like they were used much the one year they had them. I rented a Polaris from Rockwood set up tandem for my daddy/daughter trip last summer and absolutely loved it......I liked paddling it better than a SR Q16 and Adirondack.... But, the Gunflint Outfitters ones are set up solo with only a middle seat and no portage yoke. I passed on that because I would have had to install 2 more seats for tandem use plus a yoke and the price was already out of my budget.
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01/16/2018 07:32PM
ducks: "
There has been a Northwind 17 on St. Cloud MN Craiglsist for $1600

How did I miss this one? Know anything about it, or am I a day late and [1600 dollars] short?
01/17/2018 06:36AM
muddyfeet: "ducks: "
There has been a Northwind 17 on St. Cloud MN Craiglsist for $1600

How did I miss this one? Know anything about it, or am I a day late and [1600 dollars] short?"

hmmmm. I don't see it on there now :(. The first time I saw it on there was Oct. when I started looking for a small tandem. The last time I saw it was about a week ago. They had purchased it use from an outfitter.
member (34)member
01/17/2018 08:28AM
It sold, he emailed me the other day.
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