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member (17)member
01/06/2018 07:34PM
Hi All,

Looking to do a loop on the west side this winter. Any suggestions? Thinking Angleworm as a start but would rather get up through Lac La Croix and Iron. Anybody been up that way in the winter? Does the Souix Hustler work to access western lakes on snowshoes with a toboggan?


Brian Day
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member (6)member
01/08/2018 10:28AM
You can definetly get to lac la croix from the sioux hustler. The trail is narrow and with the new snow theres gonna be some more trees down. this will make it hard for a tobaggan. you could definetly use the trail as lac la croix access. I would suggest this. We dont have a ton of snow maybe less than a foot and might get some more this week. I was thinking of getting up to the sioux hustler and doing a combo of lakes and trail to get to some of those remote lakes north of the trail. Pageant lake on the north side of the trail is really cool. hope that helps
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