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01/07/2018 07:06PM
Hi everyone. I am selling my Gunflint straight 60" paddle that I bought last spring as a 2nd paddle. Its been in the water twice, sandy St Croix. It looks excellent. I don't need to sell it, I thought I would sell it for $100 to someone who might enjoy it more than I will in the near future. Sorry no link to the Craigslist ad, but how many of these are for sale in the cities right now? I thought someone on here may want to know about this.
60" length, 18" blade length, 8.5" blade width. Only 18 oz!
PM for more details. Located in the east metro but will drive to meet if someone from up North wants it. I'll update the thread if and when sold. Lowballs will be ignored (read above and here- I do NOT need to sell this. FWIW, my wife wanted me to ask for $125 when I told her I put a CL ad up)

Edit: Apparently I am too new to be posting pics? Wouldn't allow me to. Maybe they are in profile since the pics links were from this site? Typical newb?
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Guest Paddler
01/07/2018 07:17PM
Sorry for the lack of pics. Here is the CL ad with pics.

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01/08/2018 08:45AM
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01/08/2018 05:53PM
i have 2 sanborn paddles, they are very nice!
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