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      Lake 4 to Fire Lake on Drumstick Creek?     
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01/07/2018 08:13PM
We are considering swinging north out of Lake 4 using what is labeled as Drumstick Creek to Fire Lake for a short stay this year. Looking at Drumstick from Google Maps aerial view makes it look like there's not enough water to paddle it. Anybody been up that creek?
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distinguished member(2077)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
01/07/2018 09:01PM
Paddle that way about 15-18 years ago did the route twice and can't really remember a whole lot about it and that is also before the fires that hit that area. If you check the map section above it shows two portage's along that Creek a 24 and a 27 Rod Portage.

01/08/2018 07:50AM
Went thru 2005, steep ravine 20+ foot high both sides. Easy portages. Google Earth shows no fire damage. The red line bottom 1/4 on map shows extent of Pagami Fire.

member (34)member
01/08/2018 12:33PM
I went through there 4 years ago solo. I had no issues ....except the bugs
01/08/2018 05:42PM
Thanks Tony, Butthead, and Armored. Did check the map. No fire damage there. Just worried that the creek appears so shallow and, in one spot, blocked by downed trees. Just wanted to make sure there was something to paddle on between those portages.
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