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      Basswood w/ motor: How much gas do you pack in?     
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member (32)member
01/10/2018 10:37AM
For those of you bringing fishing boats up to basswood, I'm curious how much gasoline you typically pack along for the outboard? It's quite a haul up to Prairie Portage on Moose; not quite so bad I guess to go Fall > Newton > Pipestone.

For reference, 14 foot boat with a 6hp motor, one adult, one kid, 3 day trip.
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senior member (57)senior membersenior member
01/10/2018 05:16PM
When I go through Moose to Basswood my 16 foot, 25 hp 2 stroke motor takes 5 gallons each way and 5 gallons a day of fishing.
distinguished member(4341)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
01/10/2018 07:15PM
For your trip and hp; 12 gal max total and a 6 and a 3 gal tank would be minimum.
member (17)member
01/11/2018 08:20AM
I have been going to basswood for 10 years. I bring 20 gallons for a week of fishing . I have a 14 foot boat with a 2 stroke 25hp motor and have never ran out. I do very little trolling but run about 2 to 3 miles to go fishing every day.
member (32)member
01/11/2018 08:41AM
Thanks for the input, folks.

I should in theory get a little better fuel efficiency with my 6hp. I have a couple 6 gallon tanks so that should suffice for 3 days.

To complicate things: Weight of a full spare 6-gallon tank is 35-40 pounds. Weight of my trolling motor and deep cycle battery is probably more like 60-65 pounds. The battery could have additional uses as well, and I'm always in favor of using less fuel when possible.

This boat & motor are new to me, so I need to do some trial and error this spring after ice out. If it seems feasible I will consider just bringing the single 6-gallon tank, use the outboard exclusively for transport and rely heavily on the electric for fishing.
distinguished member (344)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
01/11/2018 06:22PM
Don't wait on getting your permit. They can be tough to come by during the busy season.
member (32)member
01/11/2018 08:55PM
ellahallely: "Don't wait on getting your permit. They can be tough to come by during the busy season."

I’m on it, thanks for the reminder!
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