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      Paddle Day - Indian Creek Nature Center, Cedar Rapids, 2/24     
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01/12/2018 01:09PM
A heads up to all about the 11th Annual Paddle Day at the Indian Creek Nature Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on Saturday, February 24, 8:30 to 1 PM.

This is an annual winter presentation and get together event that draws about 75 or so and is also attended by the IDNR, area paddle related agencies and a few local vendors. Last year we had a pretty good turn out with a great Wing Night at a local establishment.

Here is some details on the event:
Join us at Indian Creek Nature Center for the 11th anniversary of Paddle Day! This event aims to educate and inspire the community to get out on the water. Look forward to a variety of activities, including guided naturalist snowshoe hikes, a multitude of exhibitor tables, door prizes and meeting other local paddlers. Presentations by guest teachers include talks about safety and technical movement, local water to paddle, regional paddle expeditions.

A full schedule has not been not been released. Here is their link:
This link is not accurate. The verbiage is from last years Paddle Day but the start and stop time is accurate. I contacted Indian Creek and they will be correcting their web site soon.

Hope to see the BWCA group again for a Wing Night.


Indian Creek Nature Center 2018 Paddle Day
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01/12/2018 02:51PM
Hi Dick, I am planning on going. Wouldn't be surprised if Vern Fish is scheduled to talk about one of his trips... always good presentations. Ray T
distinguished member (252)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
01/12/2018 07:27PM
Thanks for the info Dick. Maybe I can make it this year.
01/12/2018 07:42PM
Come ahead, Randy. It is a fun event. And bring some more of that venison sausage, if any is left :}
distinguished member (252)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
01/12/2018 08:06PM
Hopefully I will be there Ray. I still have some sausage left and the new batch may be ready by then.
01/12/2018 09:55PM
Add one more for the day and wing. The morning start is earlier leaving more time to swap lies at some local watering hole afterwards.
senior member (92)senior membersenior member
01/13/2018 12:16AM
Looking forward to the event and wing. Or do you have to own a Magic to attend the wing now?
Captn Tony
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01/13/2018 06:24AM
Sounds good but if there is any good ice, I'll be ice fishing.
distinguished member (323)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
01/13/2018 05:12PM
rtallent: "Hi Dick, I am planning on going. Wouldn't be surprised if Vern Fish is scheduled to talk about one of his trips... always good presentations. Ray T"
I plan to be there for Paddle Day and any wing night activities later.
Hopefully Vern presents again, I am intrigued by far north trips... would love to do that some day!
01/13/2018 07:45PM
Well,Gary, there is an opening... Hope to see you there.
01/13/2018 10:32PM
I'm not sure if I can make the paddle day event but planning on the wing night, just tell me where and when
01/13/2018 11:45PM
Sorry, I will not be able to attend Paddle Day in Cedar Rapids on Feb 24th.

I will be returning from vacation with my wife the evening of the 24th.

Bummer. I have made the past several Paddle Days and have enjoyed the event. But most of all I have enjoyed hooking up with other members. The beer has always been cold and the conversation even better.
distinguished member(692)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
01/14/2018 06:59AM
I will see if I can make it over there. Interested in the wing night get together also
01/14/2018 05:22PM
Walleye13, I see your screen name has not changed,

Maybe next time.
01/25/2018 03:37PM
01/25/2018 09:56PM
I got their email tickets are on sale. Indian Creek Paddle Day See you there.
01/29/2018 08:22PM
The Indian Creek Nature Center has updated their web site with a schedule of events and a list of speakers.

schedule of events and list of speakers
01/30/2018 11:27AM
Got my ticket. Also went in for Iowa Paddlesport Expo, which occurs two weeks earlier (Feb 9-11) in Indianola ( Probably missing Canoecopia this year, so will have to spend some money in Iowa :)
02/16/2018 10:38AM
Just a week away and thinking about where we will get together after the presentation. I am not sure who set it up, but will we be meeting in the same place in the NewBo district or ?
I checked and tickets are still available. They did sell out for a backpacking event I decided too late to attend.
02/16/2018 11:01AM
Good question, Ben. I know we met at Parlor City Eatery and Pub, last year. That one again, or perhaps someone has a lead on other good spots nearby? Looking forward to it.
02/19/2018 11:25AM
Hello All,

Just a bump for this post and note that I will not be able to attend the Paddle Day event at the Indian Creek Nature Center in Cedar Rapids this Saturday. An all day meeting/retreat came up that I must attend.

I should be able to attend the Wing Night get together planned for later in the day.

I would recommend getting together at the new Chrome Horse Saloon on the corner of 12 Ave SE and 3rd Street SE in Cedar Rapids. This is across the street from Parlor City. The Chrome Horse is the former NewBo Ale House where we met a few years back. It has more room and the same great wings and beer selection.

02/19/2018 12:27PM
Good by me. Note to anyone googling Chrome Horse: two locations... use Newbo, not Blairs Ferry.
02/19/2018 12:32PM
Weather is looking iffy, but I fully intend to be there and am good with the Chrome Horse.
distinguished member (323)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
02/19/2018 12:53PM
Unfortunately, I also have a prior commitment for Saturday morning, but intend to go to any get-together afterwards. Chrome Horse sounds good here too and I agree with Dick that Sat afternoon shouldn't be terribly crowded. With the earlier Paddle Day ending time, driving home from the wing night in the daylight will be a nice perk!
senior member (92)senior membersenior member
02/22/2018 07:31AM
I am not going to be able to make the seminar, either, but want to meet at the Chrome Horse. About what time will that start?
We are sponsoring a mobile food bank at church that morning I need to help with.
senior member (92)senior membersenior member
02/22/2018 07:39AM
I would like to hear about Vern Fishes presentation at Indianola. I went ahead and signed up for his Lizzard Creek and Cobb River (MN) paddles this spring. I'll also have questions about the August Wabakimi trips.
02/22/2018 09:58AM
Hi Jeff, Vern actually did three different presentations in Indianola: Gull River (Ontario), Lake Powell, and prepping for longer canoe trips. I invited him to join us after Paddle Day; don't know if his schedule allows or not, at this point. Re time at Chrome Horse, the PaddleDay event seems to end after 1pm. Maybe 2 pm at Chrome Horse? Though that may be too early for Dick P. to make it? Later?
I'm planning to make the Lizard Creek paddle but will be in Ontario at time of Big Cobb outing.... Re Wabakimi Project trips, there is one opening left in August; feel free to email me for info. Ray
distinguished member (323)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
02/22/2018 05:04PM
I plan to be at the Chrome Horse around 2:00... I expect those attending Paddle Day will be there about then.
That would be great if Vern stops by too!
02/22/2018 07:39PM
Looks like I can make it to the Paddle Day presentations after all. I will have to leave before noon, but I can make most of the show.

I still plan on attending the Wing Night but will not be there untill 3:30 or so.

See you at the Chrome Horse.

distinguished member (252)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
02/24/2018 05:56PM
I'm sorry that I couldn't attend either of the events. I had birthday deal to be at. Wish I could have been there.
02/24/2018 06:51PM
A dreary damp day but well worth the drive. I counted 7 at the table at the Chrome Horse all swapping trip plans and routes. And of course stories. Such a good group of people.
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