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09/03/2008 09:58PM
Anyone know if there is anyplace I can get some logo stickers? I’m looking for two one for each side of the canoe. I would like to get some before my late September early October trip.
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09/03/2008 10:21PM
"contact" adam
09/03/2008 11:19PM
canoehat was selling them awhile back. haven't seen him around in a while. He may still have some.
09/04/2008 06:25AM
canoehat had a bunch made a while back. Check with him at If he doesn't have any left, let me know know.
09/12/2008 03:48PM
After not hearing back from canoehat, I ordered some similar decals today. I should have them in about a week or so if people are interested.
09/12/2008 05:12PM
Adam - Let me know how much. Thanks - Izzy
09/12/2008 05:28PM
IM game let me know when you get them.
09/12/2008 06:10PM
Definitely interested.
09/12/2008 06:13PM
Adam, Tell me how much. I need a couple.
09/13/2008 10:15AM

I think you may have a hit. I will take a couple as well.
09/13/2008 10:35AM
Here's a pic where you can see the logo on the stern of my prospector

09/13/2008 12:02PM
I'd like 4 when able...txs
09/13/2008 05:17PM
Two for me, please.
09/13/2008 06:07PM
I'll take 2 for the banana boat.
09/14/2008 10:21PM
I apologize for not keeping up on the decal duty. I only have a few left anyway. I should probably keep them for myself so I can always have one on my next car. I through allot of cars. LOL
I'm glad to see Adam is going to take over the decals. I have allot going on right now and believe it or not sending decals was allot of work. I'm glad I could help out though.
09/15/2008 06:59AM
I'd like six decals...
09/22/2008 10:04PM
I received a batch of decals in the mail . They are slightly different than before.

I will figure out the program shortly.
09/23/2008 12:00PM
I definately would like a couple so when you get it figured out Adam let us know.
09/23/2008 01:49PM
Adam, is this logo your design? I teach graphic design and I want to say that it is very nice. Well done!
09/23/2008 05:31PM
That is a smashing decal. I have a pair of canoes that are dying to wear one.
09/23/2008 05:43PM
I agree...great logo. I think Adam mentioned to me once on a chat that his wife designed it.
09/23/2008 05:48PM
Now that I am an addict of this site.....What will the cost be for stickers, I'd like one for every window I own, so.............about 62.
09/23/2008 06:14PM

After much badgering and a number of concepts, my wife came up with the logo. Hard to believe it was over 6 years ago!

I think they will be $12.50 per pair delivered. I will post details soon.

09/24/2008 08:54AM
Sounds like this might be a lot of extra work for Adam..
Any way it can be made easier. Maybe sending him pre-paid envelopes to have the decals sent back..
Just a thought..
09/24/2008 11:05AM
Saw the logo proudly displayed on a blue (chevy or ford?) pickup with topper pulling into Methodist Hospital in St. Louis Park just yesterday. I was going to follow and park next the person and strike up a conversation, but considering I was meeting my wife at the ER, I thought better of it. But the logo is out there!
09/29/2008 09:22PM
It really is a cool logo! Your wife did a super job. I would like a pair.
10/08/2008 12:49PM
The stickers work!!!!!!!!

Adam sent me a pair before we left on our trip, and well put them on min before putting into the BWCA. We simply took a starch pad and scuffed up the side of the aluminum canoe, wiped it clean with an old t-shirt, and stuck them in place. We had temperature changes all over the place on our trip even covered the logos in ice / frost several mornings. On the trip back to Iowa they took the full blunt of the wind roughly 75 mph for 9 hours, and never once had an issue.

On our first portage we ran across a couple of guys and their dog. One took the time to talk about the logo on our canoe and it turned out to be Butthead for the site.

On a side note Butthead and Paul the paddle my friend cracked lasted the rest of the trip. He did use the spare when in the rivers and pushing through the rocks however.

Hopefully Canoe212 will get a few pictures up soon of our trip and logo pics.
10/10/2008 07:45AM
That would require remembering the pics.
10/10/2008 09:32AM

Decals are now available at: Decal Link
10/20/2008 06:57AM
I remembered!
10/20/2008 08:41AM
Thanks, Canoe that sure was a chilly morning in that last picture. I imaging we were quite a sight that day huddled around the point because it got the first morning sun hoping to have our seat halfway defrosted before we started out.
10/20/2008 12:06PM
My seat was defrosted. Some of us are just born lucky.
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