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09/30/2008 08:43PM
I know a few of you are from the New England area and I wanted to make you aware of a new guide that has very recently come out.

It is called "Adirondack Paddlers' Guide" by Dave Cilley. It is meant to be used in conjunction with the "Adirondack Paddlers' Map".
I personally know and have dealt with Dave Cilley and vouch for his knowledge and passion for this area.

The guide became available in August and we have used the guide on two overnight trips in the last month and it has been quite helpful and full of relevant information.
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02/10/2009 11:03AM

I don't think we are going to make it to the BWCA this year, there's just too much going on at home and at work. Could you recommend any particular routes in the Adirondacks? Like a three or four night long weekend loop, not too crowded? I haven't been up there since the 70's so I don't know what to expect. I'll look for this book in the meantime.

02/10/2009 08:53PM
My bow partner and I have found ourselves returning to the St. Regis Wilderness Canoe Area within the Adirondacks more and more. It has some nice routes and choices to consider and while it does not have any "big water" many of the lakes and ponds are true gems of natural beauty. A number of 3 to 4 day routes exist for you to consider and plan. Long Pond, Slang Pond, Turtle Pond, Hoel Pond along with Little Clear Pond, St. Regis Pond, Green Pond and Little Long Pond offer some great introductory routes. From ice out till the end of May we have had some nice solitude. During the summer we often go in on Wednesday or Thursday and have had no issue with finding a site.
In addition to the book and map mentioned above we have found "Quiet Water Canoe Guide New York" - Hayes/Wilson very helpful and "Adirondack Canoe Waters North Flow" - Jamieson/Morris filled with solid information.(Sorry,I like to read and plan).
As you check out routes please feel free to E-mail me for any specifics that we might be able to assist with.
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02/11/2009 05:17PM
Thanks, that gives me someplace to start doing research. (I like the planning stage, too.)

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02/04/2010 08:11AM

Hey Boppa & others,

It looks like we are going to Wallkill, NY this summer wih some paddling friends to visit there brother who live there. we expect to be there a couple of days and hope to do some day-trip paddling in the general area and are look for suggestions.

We are considering going back to the Delaware River, as it seems to have a wide range of paddling opportunities. We have also looked at going north to the Adirondacks, I have not been up there for more then 20 years when we stayed in the Old Forge area and canoed the Moose River.

We have also talked about going NW to the Syracuse area and visit some wineries, I suspect there may be some canoeing there. Then going on the Niagara Falls which my wife has not seen.

As you can see, we are in the planning stages and are looking for suggestions.

02/04/2010 02:00PM
Hi Winemaker,

Sounds like a great trip to make plans for. I would recommend "Quiet Water Canoe Guide - New York" by Hayes and Wilson. Use my E-mail address to send your mailing address and I will ship you our copy for you to use, although a newer 2ND edition has come out since we purchased ours. It will give you a nice overview of what is available throughout the state with some nice reviews, tips etc..

If you decide to do something in the Adirondack's please let us know as we would have opinions to share, once you know day/s you will have to paddle. The above mentioned book would cover this area as well and I could also send you our copy of Adirondack Paddlers Guide with map, which gives much useful information to peruse through.

I noticed that you are returning to Canoecopia this year, we enjoyed meeting you there last year, wish we were returning. It is a great event, but we will return another time.
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