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member (32)member
10/15/2018 04:15PM
Does anyone here paddle the BWCA/Q/WCPP with a Swift pack boat? I've seen the Adirondack Pack 13.6 in Joe Robinet's videos many many times and it seems like an excellent solo solution. They're not cheap but they seem quite durable especially for their weight. I would love to rent one for a trip before buying, but they seem to be quite a niche item. My main concerns are tracking with a headwind (feel like I'd get blown all over) and getting in and out at certain landings, with the seat as low as it is. Neither seem to be an issue for Joe (Robinet) or any of the folks he travels with who also have a Swift pack boat, but I wanted to get some more opinions if possible. If you do have one, do you find that you can cover a lot of water quickly, more so than with a solo canoe of similar weight? Do you feel stable in choppy waters? What are your personal pros and cons after having used one?

Thanks very much!!
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distinguished member(2495)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
10/15/2018 08:07PM
I own a Allly folding canoe, not a pakboat, "similiar" here is my perspective.
If you are only going to use the canoe for BW paddling or other flat water areas that are accessible with a vehicle.
I would go with a dedicated solo canoe in the Kevlar area, my Ally is very stable but it is slower and catches alot of wind. I bought my Ally for paddling in Alaska and liked its lightweight along with the ability to pack it in a backpack and fly it in or out of the bush.

If you are not planning on flying it, I would go with a dedicated kevlar brand.

10/15/2018 08:42PM
I think he's talking about something like this Linden, kind of like the OT Pack canoe . . .
10/16/2018 12:09AM
I did one BWCA trip in my 13'6" wenonah Sandpiper. I did smaller water entering at Lizz. It was ok. I treated it as a backpacking trip with canoe. I don't think I would have been comfortable on a large lake with rough water.
member (32)member
10/16/2018 09:27AM
Boonie linked the boat I'm talking about. The Sandpiper looks interesting but still sits up high like a canoe, whereas the Adirondack Pack sits low like a kayak. I think there would be some good stability with a lower center of gravity but I'm wary of big water as it is (just not experienced enough) so I'd want some more stories/anecdotes about rough water before dropping $3k on a boat (my first one at that). Again, from what I have seen and read, they seem quite stable and fairly fast, so I'm quite interested but want some more opinion.

On a sidenote, Rutabaga in Madison carries these and will let you take them for a spin. I just haven't had time to get out there from Minneapolis - it's a bit of a drive just for a 30 minute test paddle. I'd want to be ready to buy it and take it home, which I'm not, yet.
10/16/2018 10:15AM
I have no experience with them, but you might want to look into the Placid boats - I think you can get them with different seating options. Placid
member (32)member
10/16/2018 10:52AM
boonie: "I have no experience with them, but you might want to look into the Placid boats - I think you can get them with different seating options. Placid "

Those look very interesting! Very similar to the Swift pack boats. Quite light as well. Unfortunately just as expensive, lol! Any idea if retailers around MN carry them and might let me take them for a test paddle?
10/16/2018 11:07AM
I don't know, Flynn - I'm sure if you contact the company, they'll tell you. Or maybe someone has one you can test paddle.
10/16/2018 11:30AM
Do not know of a local (MPLS) retailer.

Also check out Hornbeck. HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Hornbeck Boats Can be Very small Very light. There is a couple that live near Como that have used the 9' and 11 foot Hornbecks in the BWCAW for trips of a week in duration. They are smaller in stature than the average population. They gave a presentation at Midwest Mountaineering one spring expo.

Another option Savage river
Savage river Wee- Lassie another kneeling canoe.
Getting in an out of one would be a problem for me as I do not get up from a sitting on the floor of a canoe with much grace.