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01/23/2009 06:15PM
We are considering this EP sometime this summer. We would like to base camp and spend most of our time fishing. Any thoughts on where to base camp? Should I consider another route in this area?

We were thinking Boulder Bay, Lady Boot Bay or Iron Lake.

Has any one camped and fished Lady Boot Bay? Is it less busy than other areas of LLC? It seems there is quite a bit of info regarding Iron Lake and Boulder Bay on this site. Not so much for Lady Boot.

I've spent most of my time the Gunflint Trail side, so any thoughts about fishing and campsites in this area is much appreciated.
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01/23/2009 07:19PM
North end of Lake Agnes or Boulder Bay. The Boulder River produces some really nice walleye as does Lake Agnes. Can't tell you anything about Lady Boot Bay. Tiger Bay isn't bad, but my luck has been better in the Boulder River.
01/23/2009 07:25PM
Lady Boot seems to be quiet usually. If you go there...take a day trip up to Pocket and fish the lake and the rapids in Pocket Creek.
01/23/2009 07:44PM
Last August, Agnes produced some of the finest fishing we've had in a while. We were on site 1804 (29) and had fun with many species. One nice spot was the island just to our west. Another was walking the rapids along the portage to the Bolder River at the lake's far north end. One day trip up to LLC didn't produce as much, but we were hampered by wind so we just explored in some of the calmer areas of Boulder Bay.

01/23/2009 10:02PM
Boulder oulet,Bottle outlet, Iron Lake ,Curtain Falls were all good to us fishing. We especially enjoyed walking bottle bank. rough, though
01/23/2009 10:36PM
Lots of great smallmouth and walleye fishing in and around Fish Stake Narrows. The campsite located at the Narrows makes a nice base camp for daytrips. Lady Boot Bay is a very pretty area and lightly traveled. Toe has good fishing. We caught some blue walleyes there a few years back. Pocket, as doc mentioned, is another great daytrip.
01/24/2009 08:56AM
I've been through the Moose River and up through Lac La Croix. The fishing is very good all through there. The north end of Agnes was pretty good. But I've heard that Iron Lake has some of the best fishing in the Boundary Waters, and it is the one place where I would like to go for a couple of days. It's on my to do list.
01/24/2009 04:35PM
TomP - Campsite 1819 (303) is in a cove the last portage of arriving Boulder bay. Very nice campsite. Good fishing in the cove the site is in and centrally located so you can make nice day trips. Highly recommended.
01/24/2009 07:16PM
We love mojo's campsite too. We passed up basing there in 07 and wished we had stayed. Best fishing of the trip was there an nearby.
01/24/2009 07:44PM
cowdoc...what species of fish can we expect on pocket?
marc bates  
01/26/2009 02:37PM
I caught smallmaouth, pike, and the biggest crappie of my life on it. Only saw one other canoe there in two days. Very quiet.
01/28/2009 11:20AM
I used ep16 last august, we camped on lac la croix across and east from the pictographs. Fishing was awesome 40 to 50 fish per day walleyes and an occasional smallie. between the pictos and the US side there are 3 humps that come up to about 16-17 feet. We just drifted around those humps bouncing a jig head tipped with leech and caught all the walleyes we needed plus some, mostly catch and release
The camp sight we were on was on an island with what looked like a cliff back drop. On the top of that cliff we picked all the blue berries we wanted. It was a great trip.
01/28/2009 03:52PM

Quit giving away all LLC's secrets. Fishing is one thing, but blueberries is serious stuff. Just kidding of course.
01/28/2009 03:58PM
sorry motdur....haven't checked here in a while. Pocket is supposed to be decent for walleyes. We just got a few, and not real big. Smallmouths and northerns mostly. We did not fish it real hard. Best action was smallmouths at dusk. Also had good action on topwaters just below the rapids that lead out of Pocket...picked up a couple of walleyes there.
01/29/2009 11:32AM
My outfitter says Lady Boot is best thing next to Quetico. Personally I am a fan of Iron, we base camped on the west side of iron south west side of the lake and ended up catching so many fish and enjoying the sight we never made it to crooked. On our way out we camped at Agnes and caught some monster walleyes and some big topwater northerns in a tiny weedy bay just north of our camp site on the east side of the lake. There was a small island just off shore, good luck.
01/29/2009 04:22PM
Richwon4..."My outfitter says Lady Boot is best thing next to Quetico". In regards to what specifically?
01/29/2009 04:25PM need to apologize. Were heading to LLC via Oyster. Thanks for the info.
01/29/2009 05:51PM
Thanks everyone for your comments. This will be my sixth trip to the BWCA. I have found fishing to be a very humbling experience on my previous trips. On this trip I plan on traveling less, fishing more and have live bait.

I can catch them out here on the South Dakota prairie pot holes and the Missouri River impoundments from my trusty 16' foot Crestliner.
However, the BWCA in a 16' foot canoe is very challenging. That is part of the reason I keep coming back.
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