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      Trip Report - February Meander to Ramshead Lake
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02/13/2009 07:27PM
New Trip Report posted by BigZig

Trip Name: February Meander to Ramshead Lake.

Entry Point: Other

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Ho Ho  
02/13/2009 08:46PM
That is a great report! The trampled area where the wolves were howling is very cool. It's nice to hear you mention Venus in the western sky because I can see that here in D.C. right now too so at least I'm not 100% separated from the real world. I think the unidentified track you saw on the way out is otter, they leave a lot of drag (from the tail I think).

Are you really sure it's "no way" on buying one of those properties? :-)
02/14/2009 06:36AM
Ho Ho - thanks for the compliment. The howling wolves so close to our camp was one of the many highlights and something I will always remember. It was amazing how bright Venus was those 2 nights. Must be the air. It was easy to see why people call-in Vensus as a UFO.
02/14/2009 08:34AM
BigZig. Nice report. I appreciated the photo slide show. It really shows the difference in the BW between the summer and the winter. Both seasons a re beautiful but extremely different.
02/14/2009 08:50PM
Very nice report! I'd love to do some tip-up fishing in the BWCA. The wolf pack was a very cool. Seeing them stalking your trail...I think my arm-hair would still be standing up.
02/16/2009 09:36AM
Mongo and Paddleaway - Yes there are a lot of differences between winter and summer BWCA but it still does have a few similarities. For instance, basically this trip was one long portage.

The wolves were definitely a high point of the trip. I kept thinking they were watching me as we traveled out. Being the slowest one I figured it was me they would go for first. Kind of creeped myself out a few times but I survived to tell my story. (grin)
02/17/2009 09:42AM

Great report.

I have always thought it would be awesome to make a trip up north in the winter. Sounds like you guys had a great time.

Thanks for the awesome photos.
02/17/2009 10:16AM
Wow, that picture of Andrew walking into the sunset is amazing! Sounds like you had a great time--thanks for sharing!
02/17/2009 12:21PM
It is awesome and that picture is now my computer desktop. I highly reccomend a trip in the winter. It gives you a whole new perspective of the BWCA.
02/17/2009 04:31PM
Great read...thx for sharing....makes my winter travels in Kentucky look like the 'tropics'.
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