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02/16/2009 09:41PM
I'd appreciate any information people could provide about the Sawyer Guide Special canoe. I could pick up a used fiberglass one pretty cheap and wonder what the opinions are on it.
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02/17/2009 07:21AM

Try this website:

This is a pretty old moodel, even for a sawyer, and its one of the few I do not know well...


02/17/2009 07:49AM
Bannock has a Sawyer Autumn Mist and I know he likes it and it is a nice looking canoe. Hopefully he will post some thoughts.
02/17/2009 10:50AM
I know nothing about the Guide. I do like my Autumn Mist.
02/18/2009 06:10AM

Love my Autumn Mist, thinking about ordering a new one (guy in MI has the mold), that or a new Bell Rockstar...


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