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04/04/2006 07:00AM
North east of beaverhouse I see access points 31 and 32. Are these fly in only? Will zups drive you that far? Are there access roads?

What is the river leading into Beaverhouse like. Its to the south west and i think its called quetico river.

How long does it take to get from access point 41 to beaverhouse, if this is our first day.

Thanks for all your help
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04/04/2006 11:33AM
Bogwalker have you done this area at all?
04/04/2006 01:14PM
I have not-only one trip to Q and we entered at PP and went over to Argo and back, sorry can't help ya there
04/04/2006 03:36PM
I may be confused as to what you are talking about here, but if you are referring to EP31 and EP32, Farm Lake and South Kawashiwi, you can get to both of these from access roads, I can get you some specific driving instructions if you would like them.
04/05/2006 06:34AM
kclamken, you are right i looked a little closer. Do you have any idea of how long it takes to get to beaverhouse from 41? I am having a hard time trying to pick where to start from.

Thanks for the help
04/05/2006 06:42AM
So upnorth let me make sure I am reading you correctly. You are going to enter in the BW and go to Beaverhouse entry in Quetico correct??

2 Questions for you.

1. Where will you enter Canada as you will need both a BW entry reservation as well as a Quetico park reservation and permit along with probably an RABC to cross the border as there will probably be no customs office where you cross.

2. How will you get back to your car? Will you have one at each end?

Enquiring minds want to know-then maybe we can help.
04/05/2006 06:54AM
Man Bog you are up early!!!

We are going into Quetico only. We are using VNO and just trying to get our final plans together. Last year we went in the magalinee river (did not spell that right) went over through darky brent mcintyre and out mudro. We found that we liked the quetico side a little more, so this year we were just staying over there. We were looking at going beaverhouse - quetico - jean - play around a little and then out around magalinee with a tow back from zups. The debate is should we get a tow to entry 41 or a van ride to 31/32.

Thanks for all your input, and I promise a good trip report upon our return. =)
04/05/2006 07:11AM
Yes sir-up early at 4 am every day-except weekends.

Ahh Ok-I thought I was a bit confused. Enjoy Quetico-I loved my one trip a couple of years ago and will be back.
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