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Member: danjb


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03/28/2009 10:27PM
Does anyone have any experience with this canoe? I'm going to be taking a look at a used version on this canoe. I'd be interested in any comments people have, I've only paddle a Kevlar Souris River Quetico 18.5.
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03/28/2009 10:31PM
cowdoc is refurbing one right now. i dont think he paddled it though.
03/29/2009 01:03AM
The Malecite is only similar to the Quetico 18.5 in the fact they are both canoes.
03/29/2009 11:00AM
yep. cowdoc is refurbing one but has not paddled it. after a little research (but no firsthand experience) the consensus seems to be that they are "best for calmer waters" but can be used for short, "lighter" bwca trips. All the comments I found online raved about the malecites, and it seems like it's a good all around canoe. The one cowdoc has is very, very light. It was easier to pick up then the kev's. However one will have to be very careful in a malecite, more so than in a regular kevlar. Hope this helps!
03/29/2009 11:27AM
From what I've heard, owners like them. It will not be a tripping canoe for 2 big guys, 3 packs and a week on big water. But it looks like it will be nice for lighter people and packs for long weekends and it may not be a bad solo boat when turned around. Not alot of freeboard and I'm sure the keeled hull will have a learning curve. Here are some reviews
I got mine at a garage sale cheap. I'm waiting on the gunwale kit and I have other parts to go in, skid plates to put on and a hull to rub out and spar urethane. I'm impatiently waiting to paddle it!
03/29/2009 12:58PM
It appears there are some people who have more faith in the Malecite"s capacity
03/29/2009 01:01PM
nice! i thought you just said you hadnt paddled it yet....
03/29/2009 01:07PM Weber Grill is black....
03/29/2009 04:50PM
I think they forgot the kitchen sink!
03/30/2009 07:56AM
Thanks for all the comments, I thought I had this one bought on Craigslist. I told the lady that I would be there to pick it up yesterday mid morning. She said ok, so I thought it was mine. She called me at about 9:45 and said it was already sold. I was about 15 minutes from their place, talk about frustratings, so my search continues.

03/30/2009 08:20AM
Just curious, what was she asking for it?
03/30/2009 09:57AM
She was asking $1000 or Best offer, and it was about a 2002 model, with wood trim. I believe the were selling a set of paddles with it.

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