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Guest Paddler
04/28/2004 10:07AM
I would like to hear opinions, ideas and preferences of how people carry their tackle. Soft sided vs hard cases. (model and brand name if possible)

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04/28/2004 10:30AM
I have a small hard side tackle box. It is enough for some jigs, spoons and a couple of rapalas. It is about 4"x7"x2". It is probably made by Plano. I have seen people who bring all there tackle in soft sided zip close small carry cases by Tackle Logic they love. I have had the same tackle box for years and it works for me. I even have a friend who uses a travel soap container for his tackle box. Works for him. I do not need much tackle-just the stuff that works.
Guest Paddler
04/28/2004 10:59AM
I bring a lot of tackle in a box probably 1 foot by 8 inches by about 4 inches deep. Most people are going to think this is WAY to large to carry in. To be honest, fishing is my main reason I paddle in and camp.

I don't use all the tackle I bring in but I don't want to be without a bait I need for a certain situation. I pack everything else very light and bring nothing extra for wasted space.

I don't think a larger box with extra lures is a waste of weight or space as that is the main focus of my trip.
Arkansas Man
04/28/2004 02:50PM
I usually bring too much by the time I being tackle for walleye, and smallmouth, and northern! This year I will be bringing more as I am going to try for lake trout and Brookies... I usually being a fanny pack for my soft baits that I fish for smallmouth with. This year I am bringing a small zippered pouch for the walleye stuff, and a small hardsided box for crank baits and rapala's and of course my fly box for the Brookies... did I mention I like to fish and be prepared... ha ha. Oh, well thank goodness I have a canoe seat bag that fits under my canoe seat... Now what rods to bring... a fly rod, two spincast or one spincast and one baitcasting... decisions, decisions... At least I will have all I need... just don't forget the leeches! Now if I can just get my girlfriend to fish with them!!!
Guest Paddler
04/28/2004 03:33PM
If your girlfriend goes to the BWCAW you are lucky enough.

I am also bringing three poles as I fish for smallies, walleye, northern and lake trout. Again, I am going to fish, I will also camp and eat if the time permits!
member (38)member
04/29/2004 02:09AM
i carry my tackle in 2 fly vests. one for fly stuff (nymphs drys wets streams etc.) and one for spincasting.
i keep all my flys in floating foam fly boxes.
and my normal tackle in clear boxes from planno
its seems to keep me orginized
senior member (86)senior membersenior member
04/29/2004 07:26PM
i carry a Cabelas Denny Brauer Signature Series Magnum Binder.
(Cabelas Item Number WBR- 01-6597-006 $24.99)

it has an exterior zipper pouch large enough to hold a box of rapalas, an exterior mesh pouch, four interior mesh pouches, and 15 wormproof ziploc pages (i pull out the 10 large pages and Put in another box of lures, the 5 smaller pages are more than enough for the plastics i carry) it is the exact same size as the top compartment of my backpack so it works well for me. the only drawbacks are that it is kinda heavy, and a little on the expensive side. I still think it's worth the 25 bucks, it is really well constructed. i used to not think very highly of cabelas products, but the more i purchase, the more i am impressed. i'll post a review of my most recently purchased equipment in the equipment forum.
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