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Friendly Waters  
05/06/2009 04:00PM
I am looking to buy a cushioned Canoe seat/chair with a backrest. I have an old Town canoe with mesh seating, does anyone have any recommendations?
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05/06/2009 04:37PM
Crazy creek chairs are great. The newer ones that are designated as "canoe" models are handy because they have straps w/quick release buckles that wrap around the bottom of the canoe seat so they stay put and are easy to get in/out. They also have quick release buckles on the straps that go to the chair back so you can quickly un-clip the back and have full range of motion when you really want to dig in paddling.
old town  
05/06/2009 05:48PM
I just got a long back one that blows up for sleeping on. Looks nice but do not get to use it for another two weeks.
05/06/2009 07:16PM
Same here oldtown. Used them in late march. Very good.
05/06/2009 07:50PM
Crazy Creek.
05/06/2009 10:29PM
anyone use the Cabela's Sitbacker Canoe Seat?
Golden Gopher  
05/06/2009 10:40PM
What a coincidence... I was just researching canoe seats like 5 minutes ago...

Crazy Creek looks to be "the" brand. How are they for sitting around camp?
05/07/2009 08:49AM

Sitting in a crazy creek around camp is very comfy for me. Some people don't like them though. It can take a bit of adjustment on the side straps to get the chair to feel right, but it's pretty easy to do. If you don't like sitting on the ground at all, I'd say definitely try before you buy.
05/08/2009 08:59PM
I tried a GCI Sitbacker my last trip and did not care for it.
05/09/2009 11:05AM
I have the Sitbacker and find it to be more roomy/comfortable with better back support than my Crazy Creek. Unfortunately it is 16.5 inches wide and will not fit back far enough on my stern seat without the frame rubbing on the gunwale. So it's Sitbacker on the bow and Crazy Creek in the stern for me.
05/09/2009 09:19PM
Ditto to what fishslayer said.
Bill Tea  
05/09/2009 11:13PM
Sitbacker for me. I had a crazy creek style canoe seat through last season and the quick release buckles gave way by the fourth or fifth day out. No problems with the sitbacker.
Savage Voyageur  
05/10/2009 08:48AM
I bring my Crazy Creek for use in the canoe and in camp. I like to use it while I cook meals on a log sitting around the fire or on a rock with my stove. I older I get the harder the rocks get.
05/10/2009 09:39AM
If you like the old towne canoe seat and just want some cushion buy an REI or Thermarest seat cushion and strap it into your seat.

seat cushion

There are other brands I am sure would work.
Sorry I read your post wrong--I was thinking you had a support for your canoe already. Here is what I use--- canoe seat
Sundance Kid  
05/10/2009 11:46AM
Sitbacker is my seat of choice for fishing. I have tried the crazy creek and Piragis (winonah). None of them are great for paddling.
05/10/2009 11:20PM
Here is the BEST seat known to man:

canoe seat

You cannot BEAT it.

This seat is a little heavy but man, is it built pretty good. I wish it was a little higher on the back, but I like it. Later,

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