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05/12/2009 12:03AM
If you own one please write a review.

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05/12/2009 12:27AM
Excellent, comfortable, worth the money, little bulky, did I mention worth the money? It is, satisfied customer. :)
05/12/2009 04:44AM
Have the down short pad. Great backpacking pad. Be careful not to overfill. Feels too hard for me when overfilled. The short pad leaves my feet exposed, so I put a crazy creek air lounger under them for cane trip. closed cell foam pad when backpacking. The foam pad also protects the exped pad.

The blow up bag is not an issue imo. It works well as a pillow. I have been sleeping on thermarests for years and this beats them hands down.
05/12/2009 06:51AM
A very satisfied customer.

Have a Therm-a-rest, Pro lite IV - A Big Agnes, insulated, and the Exped mentioned above. Still use all three for different trips and needs. the most comfortable is the Exped SM 9 D. And these old bones need any help they can find.
05/12/2009 07:11AM
Holy boulders, batman! That sucker weighs in at three pounds! My tent weigh barely more than that. It may be comfortable, but it is clearly not for the "cut the handle off your toothbrush" crowd.
I use the thermarest z-rest short which weighs 10 ounces.
05/12/2009 07:33AM
Well, Capn' good for you. If I used only a zrest, I would not be able to function the next day. I don't own the exped, but have slept on it, and for me, couldn't tell the difference between that and the BA products, and I own a BA mattress. Also coupla TR's, Ridgerest pad, etc. $$$,bulky and heavier compared to BA, but warmer in cold weather for sure, and some think it is more comfy than BA.
Dan Cooke  
05/12/2009 12:05PM
I will not go without a OR Exped Downmat 9 deluxe.

Before hip replacement(this past oct) it was the only way I could sleep.

Used in summer fall and winter (to minus 45° F) with no issues.

The only way to go if you want comfort and function.

Dan Cooke
05/12/2009 12:26PM
Hey Capt

23.5 oz for the down short version. Thermarest no comparison for winter backpacking. Maybe twice the weight, but ten times the comfort.
05/12/2009 02:25PM
I wonder if part of the issue is size? I'm a little guy so maybe I can get by with less padding on the ground? But carrying a three pound pad gives me pause. On my last solo trip, I had my pack down to 36 pounds. I could single portage with my pack and Prism. That was too sparse. This year I'm allowing myself 45 pounds and will double portage. (Yeah, that's about all I care to carry; besides being little I am also OLD!)

Now winter camping has a different set of rules. Clearly more insulation is called for, weight be damned.
05/12/2009 04:21PM
I just bought the Synmat 9 Deluxe, and, though I don't head into the BWCA until June 1st, I'm already very happy with it. It is heavier than my old Thermarest, but I'm a side sleeper and the extra padding is going to make a big difference. Weight isn't THAT big of an issue in BW trips that I would be concerned about the extra pound it weighs. A good night sleep is worth the trade off.

What's more, REI has a OR Synmat chair on sale right now at about 60% off. I just bought one the other day for $21. That's a big-time bargain and will make the pad even more versatile. Go for it.
05/12/2009 06:09PM
IMO the weight is a fair trade off for the comfort of a 3 1/2" thick sleeping pad.

I have the Exped downmat 9 regular which packs down to 9"x6" and weighs 34oz.

plaid wool  
05/12/2009 06:55PM
I have a Exped Downmat 9 Regular. I had a Therma rest, and although it is a well made product, 1-1/2" is not enough for a comfortable sleep for me. The Exped is a well made product and is quite compact for its size, well worth a little extra weight.

Good Luck,

05/13/2009 12:24AM
I have an older model Exped Sim Lite CF 9 DLX. Had it for 4 years now and wouldn't part with it. I figure with our 2 down bags that are smaller than most synthetic single bags, it all balances out. I've had old open cell foam mats, ensolite mats, Thermarests, Slumberjacks, et al over the years; NOTHING comes anywhere close to comparing with the Exped. I do a lot of gravel bar camping on Ozark streams and a good pad is a must. Also, having spent almost 30 years in the Nursing profession, I have the back of a 90 year old sherpa; I believe I'll pack a couple extra pounds so I can sleep. Also, It has held up VERY well. Most of my other pads have more wear and sometimes a leak after 4+ years of use. The Exped is as good as new, except for the lingering smell of campfire smoke! One more thing I might add is that I've never heard ONE PERSON who OWNS an Exped complain about the weight. I think it's a good trade off for the comfort. WW
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