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05/27/2009 10:24AM
Gerber Kick Axe Kinda weird.

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05/27/2009 10:53AM
Yes it is. With out resurrecting the debate for Axes vs Saws, I have a gerber hatchet that I love. The gerber quality is incredible.
05/27/2009 10:58PM
total joke--lots of hinges and snaps to bust-stick-flop open in mid hack--you name it..a small hand ax would not take up anymore room and if you broke the handle you could make a new one..
05/27/2009 11:03PM
I got the gerber hand shovel. Works very nicely
05/27/2009 11:39PM
"can cut limbs up to 2.5 inches in diameter"...........but anything larger is much too intimidating.

"kinda wierd" ..........If you build it they will buy.

I have a normal Gerber axe, love it, and have never found it to be problematic to find a crack to stuff it in. I agree with WCD, too many failure points to even be considered. And at 50 bucks, not even a good deal.
05/28/2009 06:41AM
For fifty bucks you could by a Wetterling!
05/28/2009 06:57AM
Thats a lot of hinges for something you're going to bash into a piece of wood. I'd question the safety and how long it would hold up (or stay safe assuming it is to start with). I have a Gerber Gator Combo, I doubt its any heavier than this one and certainly fits easily into the smallest of packs. Heck, it would fit in my thwart bag.

Seems like a tool for a gadget collector, not someone that's going to use it.
05/28/2009 07:07AM
Agree with WCD, way too complicated for me.
05/28/2009 07:36AM
I agree with Cedarboy and WCD I would destroy this axe within days.
05/28/2009 06:02PM
Yeah, kinda weird is right. Over-engineered.
05/28/2009 11:40PM
Now on sale at Piragis for only 89.95
For those flipping through their Piragis catalog looking,Just Kidding
Patches the Canoe  
05/30/2009 12:33AM
Cool Concept! I bet it gets "loose" after a trip though. I'd like to see a field trial report.

Another point, I know it's Gerber's style but I wish they wouldn't put so many straight profiles into their designs. Their tools look so uncomfortable to use.

I'll stick with the Eastwing camp axe and buck saw combo... some things are just worth the weight!
06/01/2009 11:24AM
Wow, that thing folds right to the underside of the handle! If you forgot to latch something or it gives way, that blade is going right into your fingers! Seriously, who product tests these things? I'm sure there are a bunch of safety latches, but it's hard to safety test what 10 years of use will do to an item like that.

I'm keeping my straight Gerber hatchet. It's nice knowing that I've got it ready to go at a moments notice.
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