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06/07/2009 06:47AM
I would like some feedback on BWCA raingear. Frogg Toggs makes the Pro Action rain suit. Are these any good for BWCA or they too cheap a suit? What would all you fellow canoers recommend?
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06/07/2009 07:42AM
Frogg Toggs are cheap and will keep you dry. They do not seem to hold up as well as some of the gore-tex products. I saw Frogg Toggs on sale at Cabalas yesterday. With that said, I believe that raingear is the one area you need to spend the money and get top of the line product. It is very possible that you may spend your entire trip wearing your raingear and you cannot have it fail on day 3 of a 10 day trip. I use Marmot's stuff but have had great luck with North Face and Archteryx in the past. Many on here use some of Cabala's or Bass Pro's gore-tex product. Go to a shop where you can see and try on the product. Bottom Line: Frogg Toggs will work but may not hold up trip after trip.
06/07/2009 08:39AM
I agree with the last post. Get rain gear that will keep you dry over the long haul. REI has a good selection - including their own brand which tends to be priced better than North Face and other major brands.
06/07/2009 08:44AM
I have Marmot Precip and have been happy with it. Not cheap but less expensive than gortex.
06/07/2009 09:32AM
I currently have a set of Frogg Toggs. They do keep me dry in the BWCA. I will also agree that these are not a long term solution. When these wear out, I will be purchasing a higher end set of gear.
06/07/2009 09:32AM
Here's a link to a thread on rain gear that's pretty good in terms of different choices and selection:

Rain Gear

Happy reading.
06/07/2009 10:05AM
when I can get Frogg Toggs at $15 a set, I can burn through 5-10 sets for the cost of more expensive sets. I like them for the weight too.
06/07/2009 08:57PM
rlhedlund x2
06/08/2009 08:00AM
and the Frogg Toggs pack very small in a compression sack
06/08/2009 08:56AM
Frogg Toggs pack a lot smaller and lighter than gore tex. I know they wear out quicker, but to me they're the best.
06/08/2009 10:50AM

Not sure which "Gore Tex" stuff you are comparing the Frog Togs to, or if you are using "Gore Tex to universally represent waterproof and breathable, but my coat and pants from Patagonia are amazingly lightweight, durable, and comfortable. I wore non-breathable years ago, but will never go back. Being able to get rid of perspiration is a must, especially during a rain storm in an extremely humid environment.

My $.02

06/08/2009 01:26PM
Last year I bit the bullet and bought the Cabelas Paclite GoreTex jacket/pants set and don't regret it one bit. My friend brought Frogg Toggs and basically the first time we went off the beaten path in search of wood he ripped a leg wide open on a snag. I know I spent more but am happy and should have a rainsuit that lasts quite a while.
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