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06/08/2009 10:44PM
Can anyone suggest a back rest while canoeing?
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richard tucker  
06/08/2009 10:57PM
We use the ones that have the metal uprights with bent plywood for the back. They are stiff enough to lean against and they pull flat when portaging. No backrest helps all that much while paddling, but they are great when fishing or resting.
06/08/2009 11:22PM
We just tried out our new Crazy Creek Canoe Chair II's on our last trip. They are very comfortable, highly adjustable, lightweight, and fairly inexpensive. They have an adjustable strap with a quick disconnect latch for attaching it to the canoe seat. The tension on the backrest is also very easily adjustable. They are really great for giving your back a rest and while fishing in the canoe for long periods. I like that they have a Velcro strap to fold them down during portaging. You can also take them off of the canoe and use them as camp chairs too. I looked at a few other brands too, but chose Crazy Creek because they were lighter and cheaper and I knew that they made a quality product.
06/09/2009 02:19AM
2nd for the Crazy Creeks.
06/09/2009 05:20AM
Pelican (Coleman) backrest. Simple, effective and inexpensive.
06/09/2009 06:48AM
I'm a Coleman fan- lightweight, cheap and very supportive. You can lean back into the backrest without it collapsing. Very nice for fishing and traveling.

06/09/2009 08:43AM
Ditto on the Crazy Creek. Used them last year for the first time and they are a godsend for the low back when fishing for hours at a time.
06/09/2009 09:10AM
I happy with the Backsaver by Cushgear.
It's very solid to lean back on, adjustable height and recline, it weighs about a pound.
06/09/2009 11:54AM
I tried the crazy creeks, wasn't impressed. They really didn't seem to do much. I have sort of a bad low back and I find than kneeling takes the stress off my back better than anything.
06/09/2009 12:09PM
I really like the Crazy creek, but the design seems totally backwards to me. They should fold the other way. Also, it'd be nice to put a mesh bag on the front seat part that would hand down. Some cheaper chairs had this feature. While the chairs were junk, the pouch was great.
Arkansas Man  
06/09/2009 12:59PM
If I am in my Tandem I use the Crazy Creek with the higher back. If I am solo I use my homemade seatback...

06/09/2009 02:37PM
Crazy Creek's inflatable.
06/09/2009 04:49PM
Backsaver by cushgear are installed in my canoe. Highly adjustable. fold down easily to wedge the PFD for portaging.
06/09/2009 09:31PM
I have a crazy creek and tend to only use it when fishing. It maybe only in my head but I don't like sitting higher because of the seat when paddling. Nice thing about crazy creek seats is that they are comfortable on sunset rocks.
06/09/2009 09:54PM
Another vote for the Pelican/Coleman backrest. I've tried two or three others, but this one has been the best bang for the buck.
06/09/2009 09:58PM
thats my choice too. im actually thinking about cutting half the back off of it too. for me, its just wasted weight.
06/09/2009 11:14PM
My crazy creek chair blew out a couple of weeks ago on a solo trip. I might have to try thrifty outfitters and see if they can sew it back together. I really missed the back support after it blew out. My solo yoke doesn't fit with my crazy creek chair installed so I had to disconnect the chair at every portage.

06/10/2009 10:09AM
Not all Crazy Creek's are inflatable. Mine is not.
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