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07/28/2009 10:03AM
I've seen post about no bake pie and such. if you go to camping section of wall mart they sell pie tins for camping. the recipe is simple white bread butter the out side and add your favorite pie filling. put on a nice bed of coals for 30 sec a side and enjoy. some times it takes longer but check after 30 its usually enough. my friends family actually makes pizzas in those things the same way.

they sell square and round ones buy the round. bread doesn't fit right in square ones.
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07/28/2009 10:56AM
What kind of bread do you buy?! The loaves at my local grocery store are square.
07/28/2009 02:35PM
ya I think all bread is square. lol square bread isn't big enough to fit tins properly.
07/28/2009 08:13PM
Try using Texas Toast bread. It'll fit.
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