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      Spaghetti - what is the best way to put some sauce on it?


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08/16/2009 07:56PM
Can't eat the spaghetti plain. If I wanted to add some sauce and cannot bring jars of Ragu, what would I do in this situation? Thanks.
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08/16/2009 08:09PM
Look for some of this. sauce
08/16/2009 08:17PM
I like Hamburger Helper Spaghetti with dehydrated hamburger. Otherwise dehydrated sauce.
08/16/2009 08:36PM
A whole jar of sauce shrinks down to about one ounce in a dehydrator. It looks like fruit roll ups. Place in a quart size ziplock bag and refrigerate until your trip. 30 minutes before you cook just add water 3/4 of the way in the bag and kneed the water and sauce occasionally.
08/17/2009 02:47PM
Mr. Barley's link is good. Haven't seen those products before.

If you can't locate those, try tomato paste in a tube.

Bring a baggie of 1 tbls sugar, 1 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp pepper and 2 tsps of your choice of dried herbs (e.g. oregano, basil, or Italian seasoning). Add a bit of water and you're good to go. Saute some garlic and onion in a bit of olive oil and you're even better.

I fry up a bag of shelf stable sliced pepperoni and add the above to it.
08/17/2009 02:51PM
Make the spaghetti and sauce at home, dehydrate the whole works, rehydrate at camp. Start by just covering with water then simmer till it starts to rehydrate, add more water if desired.

08/17/2009 06:38PM sells tomato sauce powder. Mix a little with water, add spices and it's tomato sauce. Works well for those of us who live in really humid areas and can't dehydrate stuff.
Savage Voyageur  
08/17/2009 07:39PM
Bearman you are right you cannot take a can or a bottle. You can take Spaghetti sauce in a plastic pouch. They are found next to the jars and cans in the sauce isle at any supermarket. I would not worry about any weight of this product vs dehydrated because it is great. One of the manufactures is Ragu and I cannot remember the other.
08/17/2009 08:29PM
"One of the manufactures is Ragu and I cannot remember the other."

The other one is Bertolli. I have one packed and ready to go on my trip this Sunday. I'll report back if it's any good. Edit: Ha Ha I just reread the thread and saw that these are the same two (Ragu and Bertolli) that Mr. Barley linked in the second post of this thread.
08/18/2009 12:10PM
Great info!

How long can you store that dehydrated hamburger and sauce mixture?

Should I dehydrate the hamburger and sauce separate or together?

I'm thinking of making our meals ahead of time and with the full time job, kids, and a busy life in general I may do it a week in advance or more.

See any problem with this?

08/18/2009 12:32PM
Some suggest to cook the meat separately then drain the fat, and then add it to the sauce and noodles. I usually don’t do that as I’m using lean meat (ground venison or turkey).

Once you are done dehydrating it, put it in an airtight container. I double up on ziplock freezer bags. That should keep a month with no problem as long as it is dehydrated. If you put it in the fridge or freezer, it’ll keep for a year (or more).

General rule of thumb is it it’s a soup, cover with an inch of water over the surface. If it is not a soup, cover with water just to the surface. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and let simmer while stirring every few minutes until it rehydrates. Once I’ve got it close to rehydrate, I take it off the heat and slid the pot into an insulator to keep it warm and allow it to continue rehydrating… (Insulator = old closed-cell foam sleeping pad cut and formed around the pot with duct tape)

08/18/2009 04:52PM
We bring the Bertolli sauce in a pouch and add some fried pepporoni to it. It is pretty darn good. This summer we also rehydrated some store bought dehydrated portabellas - they were delicious fried with steaks, but would be a good add it to the spaghetti sauce.
Savage Voyageur  
08/18/2009 06:31PM
Thanks Ducks, I could not remember that name. The Bertolli sauce was really good and I recommend getting that brand.
08/19/2009 09:08PM
There is a pizza sauce that's comes in a plastic squeeze bottle. Add fresh or dried green peppers, onions, and mushrooms you have a great spaghetti sauce. I have never done the dehydrated hamburger but will try next year if I get my dehydrator for Christmas.
08/19/2009 09:15PM
We used the Bertolli sauce on our July trip and really liked it. There's also powdered spaghett sauce mix in the mix aisle at any grocery store. I didn't use those because most of them call for a can of tomato past also and I didn't want to pack the can. If you can find tomato paste in a tube that would be perfect.
08/19/2009 10:52PM
McCormick makes a envelope type sauce you can use. It's in the section by gravy mix, taco mix, etc. You may want to bring some dehydrated peppers, mushrooms, hamburger, and so on if you like chunks, otherwise it's just sauce.
08/20/2009 08:36AM
If you haven't already - try some soy sauce on your noodles instead of tomato sauce. YUmmmmmm
08/20/2009 08:46AM
I often take the McCormick packet spag sauce. I take the tomato paste out of the can and spoon it into a ziplock or small plastic container. If you are careful this works great. The tube paste is fine, but really expensive.

I do the same as Kendra and bring some dehydrated burger, peppers, etc for the sauce.

Fry up a garlic fry bread from Cache lake and a box wine and you have a great meal.
08/20/2009 12:49PM
Slightly off topic, but related. One of our guys dehydrated ground beef and tomato or pizza sauce for the first time this year.

How do you pack you dried tomato sauce? He dried it and balled it up in a vac bag which was a mistake! It took forever to rehydrate.

For faster rehydrating, do you grind it to a powder? cut into flakes? or leave as a "rollup"?
Or is the heating the secret?

08/23/2009 01:03PM
I rip the sauce into small chunks and ziploc it. Store in fridge until I leave. Put in pan with enough water to almost cover it so I can add more if it is too thick. I let it sit while I am rehydrating the mushrooms. I do think the heat helps but smaller pieces, even powdering will be faster. Not powdering this year cuz I'm lazy.
10/03/2009 10:59AM
spaghetti roll-ups. mmm. :)

10/04/2009 10:05PM
After dehydrating the spag. sauce to the leather consistency, I put it in the blender and pulverize it till it looks like Baco bits. I've also dehydrated lean ground beef and ground Italian sausage for a meat sauce. You can't tell the difference form doing it at home and it's way cheaper and packs smaller than the sauce in a pouch.
10/06/2009 12:25PM
When making pasta we always bring parmesian cheese and some olive oil. Simple and tasty
10/07/2009 08:21AM
hex, when you dehydrate the cooked you break it up first? Say 3" pieces? Or leave it long? I'm definitely going to try this for my next trip.
10/07/2009 08:22AM
Another yummy way to eat spaghetti is to have it with a little butter and parmesan cheese and some garlic powder. But, then you aren't getting a vegetable. I eat this at home with a side of peas. You could certainly add the peas right in, too.
10/07/2009 08:02PM
oops, sorry I forgot to report back after our trip in August. We used the Bertolli sauce in a pouch and really liked it. We put the sauce in the pan and just cooked angel hair pasta right in the sauce instead of boiling it in water first. Worked slick. Thanks to whoever it was that posted that trick a year or two ago.
10/22/2009 02:02PM
I just scanned the post, so sorry if someone already mentioned it. I take along a couple packets of Pesto Sauce. You can buy it in the dry pouches at the grocery store. It only takes a lil water and olive oil to make into a great sauce.

I also bring a tube of garlic paste along so I can saute up some sun dried tomatoes in oil before I mix the pasta in with the pesto.

I think I have a good idea why I can never lose any weight.
moose plums  
10/22/2009 02:29PM
That Pesto sounds like a winner. I have done herb and butter with parmesan and garlic.
10/22/2009 05:00PM
this thread has accidentally decided what I will have for dinner tonight.

moose plums  
10/22/2009 05:11PM
yeah me too
10/23/2009 08:28AM
It's 8:30 in the morning and I am hungry for pesto. It's going to be a long day.
Captn Tony  
11/22/2009 07:33AM
We found a bag of dehydrated spaghetti sauce at the grocery store and added sliced up summer sausage for meat. Tasted great!
11/30/2009 11:11PM
BTwo Bags Bertoli's, 2 lbs DEHYDRATED (Rehydrated) hamburger, and Noodles to your liking. Makes Great Goolash. Bertolis is in pouch.
I also vacum sealed the two pouchs together to make sure they didnt leak or spill. Served Six HUNGARY guys.

05/19/2010 04:30PM
I noticed that the Cub Foods at which I shop no longer carries the pouches of spaghetti sauce (the Bertolli's--I never saw Ragu in a pouch there). The manager told me the Bertolli's has been discontinued. Anyone else noticing this or can you still find it around?

05/20/2010 08:11AM
Well I am +1 on the squeeze bottle pizza sauce, you might find it by the make your own pizza area, crusts and such. Extra spices, green pepper, pepperoni, excellent meal.
The Lorax  
05/21/2010 04:52AM
A lot of good ideas here. For me, I just dehydrate tomato sauce and then grind it up as a powder. I use it for all kinds of dishes through the year on the trail and waters.
When I need it for pasta, I bring along some spices to add.

make the pasta, drain off 90% of the water and add the powder until i have enough.

Super lightweight, super compact and super easy.
06/02/2010 09:07PM
Just make up the sauce at home, freeze it and put it on ice in a small soft sided cooler and it will stay good for days. I do it every year.
06/02/2010 10:07PM
No Bertolli's in the pouches at Walmart either. Sad day.
06/03/2010 05:37PM
Well, I don't know if this makes any sense but my barber - female and Italian - suggested taking a whole tomato, dicing it, adding spices and olive oil, and putting hot noodles on top which cooks the tomatoes a little. Tried at home and great taste. I'm not sure it would be that hard to carry a couple of tomatoes - maybe in a cardboard tube. Fresh and only pot is pasta pot. Lot of flavor and texture and I'm not so sure the added ounces is that much.
06/10/2010 06:58AM
We use dried tomato powder, a package of spaghetti sauce mix(dried), and spaghetti. packs small and light, tastes really good.
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