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09/23/2009 08:13AM
Here is a link to a trip report from EP 16. It was an awesome trip...easily one of the top 3 trips I have taken to the bwca.

H EP 16 Trip Report

Has anyone done well on walleyes on LLC? We only spent half a day there but we just couldn't manage a walleye. We spent most of our time in Tiger Bay and the structure looked awesome.

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09/23/2009 02:10PM
I was also on LLC Sept 17-20th. Went in from EP 14 (Little Indian Sioux), through Loon Lake, so was west of you. Enjoyed the same beautiful weather and similar fishing, with willing northerns and smallies, some of them very nice, but not much action on the walleyes.

Nice trip report. I like the encouragement at the end about 'what are you waiting for'. We spend alot of time thinking about being up in the BWCA and not enough time actually there.
09/23/2009 09:51PM
Leeches and bobber on Lac La Croix. Isn't that illegal??
The Great Outdoors  
09/23/2009 10:52PM
Leeches are not illegal on the American side of Lac La Croix, only illegal if in the Quetico Park.
If outside of the "non organic bait allowed" Quetico Park (Canadian side), leeches must have proof of purchase from a Canadian resort or bait shop.
09/24/2009 08:53AM
"I like the encouragement at the end about 'what are you waiting for'. We spend alot of time thinking about being up in the BWCA and not enough time actually there."

There are just too many people out there that say that...and never do it. I am a firm believer....once you will go back. Some people just don't know what they are missing yet. :)

I am pretty sure we all wish we could be up there a lot more. The next couple of years will mean fewer trips for me but once the 2 little ones are old enough...I hope to make 4-5 trips a year. The daughter is 3 and she asks about the boundary waters all the time. We tell her when she turns 5 she can some with us. That will be a memorable trip for sure!


09/24/2009 10:14AM
Magic -

Hubby and I went in on Thursday, day after you and came out Tuesday. Stayed in Tiger Bay (no trip report yet), saw the sights you did and fished. We ended up with 3 walleyes, ate 2 northern (caught lots of small ones) and I caught a nice smallmouth which went back in. We didn't seem to have any problems catching fish.
09/24/2009 10:39AM

That was probably you and your husband that we talked to on Saturday evening. We talked to a couple camped in Tiger Bay that had good luck on catching pike...mentioned eating two. Did you guys have a Souris River Q16?

09/24/2009 11:32AM
We had the Q17 and camped in 178 with a west view of the bay. We caught a couple of pike on Friday. That seems so long ago, I can hardly remember. In any case - we had a great time.
09/24/2009 11:54AM
Glad to hear you had a good trip! The weather was perfect!

Is there a map with numbered campsites? I have seen others mention the numbers but never seen map with them.


09/24/2009 12:05PM
We couldn't have asked for better weather!!

If you go to the entry points link on the left, then click on the entry point, it will open a map. Click on the arrows until you get to the area you're looking for. The red dots indicate camp sites - then click on each one and there is a site number and any reviews. I don't know how this will show up - but give this one a try.

Tiger Bay Sites
09/24/2009 12:13PM
Thanks for that info! We were at #177 just to the north of you...on the island.

09/25/2009 01:45PM
I was in LLC - Boulder Bay area around Sept 11-14th. Walleye bite was awesome for 2 days further north on LLC, north of Fish Stake Narrows, but a storm rolled through mid-week and the walleye bite shut off. We only cut 2 or 3 more eye's all trip. We didnt catch a single walleye or smallie in Fish Stake.

2 years ago, we were slaying walleye in Boulder Bay, and this year, exact same spots, we didn't catch one.
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