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01/19/2010 07:42AM
CCS is putting certain items at 30% off in celebration of 30 years in business. And there are clearance items at great prices. Check the WWW for details,


Not affiliated just a happy customer!
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01/19/2010 07:13PM
Right idea..............BROKEN link.

Here it is:

Cook Custom Sewing
01/19/2010 07:47PM
even better... sale......closeouts....
01/19/2010 09:14PM
Thats GEO, I am bad at links.
01/20/2010 07:25AM
wow! nice price on that pack...
01/22/2010 12:54PM
01/22/2010 02:21PM
I ordered one of the explorers for $115! Never thought I'd ever see that kind of price on a new CCS pack.
01/22/2010 02:37PM
Bought a Rucksack yesterday for $63!
01/22/2010 06:28PM
Once again Kudos! to Dan Cooke. Turns out that the closeout pack I ordered was out of stock, so he's sending me a brand new Explorer for the closeout price. Told him on the phone tonight he's earned a customer for life. Great product, even greater customer service!!!!
01/23/2010 05:44PM
Ordered 2 pink rucksacks this afternoon. One for each of our little girls. They're only 4 1/2 and 2 1/2 but you can't start gearing them up too soon. The little one will probably fit in the pack :) But at that price (doubt I'll see that price again) and worrying about him not making pink ones in the future we jumped on the deal. Should have a good pack for each of them for many years. Thanks for the heads up and the links for the sale.
01/25/2010 04:22PM
Bummer. The sale ended yesterday.

I guess I'll have to settle for 20% off at Canoecopia...
01/25/2010 06:50PM
The CCS www site says he is haveing "30% sales each month" and to check regularly to see what is on sale each month. Its is in the discussion about the 30th anniversary sales.

01/25/2010 06:54PM
thanks CB....i will be watching.
bear bait  
02/01/2010 12:48AM
packs are on sale this week!
02/01/2010 09:27AM
What is a hybrid pack. I don't see a view of the straps and not sure.
02/01/2010 09:33AM
quote overthehill: "What is a hybrid pack. I don't see a view of the straps and not sure."

Look here hybrid pack

If you roll over the picture you'll see another view showing the straps. There is also more written info there. They are awesome packs that should give you a lifetime of use. I have a pioneer and am planning on an explorer soon. At that price it's a no-brainer if you're looking for a pack.
02/01/2010 01:37PM

Overthehill - I changed the CCS web site to make it easier to find the information on the Hybrid packs. Let me know if you have any trouble.

If anyone has any questions about the site or about a CCS product just let me know. I will do my best to answer questions and make the site easier to use.
bear bait  
02/02/2010 12:54AM
i wish the website had more product photography!!
02/02/2010 02:19AM
Just ordered my Pioneer pack! No more internal frame for me!!!
02/02/2010 08:45AM
Bought my second Pioneer Pack from CCS yesterday. I'll be swinging over to Dan's house/factory Thursday night to pick it up and get a quick tune up to Pioneer Pack number one.

Definitely a great pack and American made!!
02/02/2010 06:05PM
Thanks....I'm pretty slow..:)
02/04/2010 12:52PM
Thanks for the heads up- I also purchased a pioneer.
02/05/2010 10:05AM
I stopped at Dan Cooke's (owner of CCS-Cooke Custom Sewing) last night at about 6:15 or so and picked up and paid for my brand new Pioneer pack. Red and Black this time.

Dan and I talked for over an hour and he showed me a lot of his history and shared stories about past and future endeavors, trips and business.

I saw and discussed:

Cooke Custom Sewing Catalogs from the 1980's until today.

Old pictures of him, his wife and his friends.

Places he had been. Trips he had been on.

I learned a lot about the man and his business.

He started the business from his home in Fridley, MN 30 years ago. He now operates out of his lower level workshop at his home in Lino Lakes. The Rice Creek Wildlife preserve is out his back door. Dan does most of the sewing himself but employs a person in Minneapolis who helps out when things are busy.

The Hybrid pack that I purchased is called the Pioneer pack and it was first introduced in 1988. It was dubbed the "Maximum Impact" pack as everyone had just started talking about Minimum Impact camping. He looked at it as the pack allowing you to take what you needed in comfort. The only changes to the pack since 1988 are curved shoulder straps and the stuff collar.

The pack sold for $120 in 1988. Today the pack does not sell for that much more and probably less when you consider inflation rates for over 20 years.

We talked about business, foreign competition, knock offs in both the furniture business (that I work in) and the pack/tarp/outdoor gear business that Dan works in. We talked about 2009 trips and destinations (Dan climbed a mountain in Glacier this past year as well as body surfed in Maui) as well as trips this year (Hopefully Dan has a dog sled trip off of Gunflint soon).

In addition to the great conversation, I had him "Tune Up" my first CCS Pioneer pack that I have used for many years and many trips. Dan went over every inch of my original pack. He replaced a zipper that had some issues, he double stitched some seams that he felt needed reinforcement (I was not sure they did but he did) and he checked every buckle and strap to make sure they still worked to his satisfaction. He then carefully folded it, attached each buckle to it's mate and handed it back to me.

Now that is customer service. I left about 7:45 to drive home through the snow and freezing rain with my new pack, my old pack and a red CCS emblazoned caribiner attached to my new pack for a water bottle to attach to. I smile as I look at my packs knowing that the owner puts so much care and attention to detail in his work. It makes me feel good about my pack every time I use it.

This is not intended to be a commercial post or endorsement, but more of a testimonial and acknowledgement of my Friend Dan Cooke and all that he does, and all that he has contributed to the BW/Q community for the past 30 years.

Thanks Dan-your kindness, care and quality of work does not go unnoticed!!! Thanks for being you and being my friend.


02/05/2010 10:54AM
Thanks for the update Bogwalker, and thanks to this kickass website. If it wasn't for this, I would not know that CCS is only a mile or 2 away from me. I better move some of the CCS things on my "wishlist" up to the top and drop in to meet Dan.

02/05/2010 11:18PM
Got my pioneer pack 3 days after I ordered it. It is nice to say the least.

I know this pack will be with me on trips for a life time.

02/06/2010 07:42AM
I have my second CCS Pioneer pack on it's way (bought my first one a few years ago). Ordered yesterday and Dan's email back said it would be shipping Monday. Nothing short of outstanding service. Can't wait to put it to use this summer.
02/06/2010 08:22AM
I don't need one I have the rucksack,explorer, pioneer, and guide, and the big food pack and two tarps 10 x 10, 1nd 15 x 15. oh and a thwart bag, with map case.
I LOVE this gear, the packs are well thought out for comfort and storage, and the tarps are quality made and lite and come with cord and stuff sack.
Thanks Dan for the great stuff.
02/06/2010 08:49AM
I also added to my CCS inventory.

I already have
- a short torso explorer
- a 10x12 tarp
- a thwart bag

I just ordered a short torso pioneer.

CCS is great stuff.

I just keep hoping that they will list a lean 3+ for 30% off..
02/06/2010 08:50AM
LOL headlines in the national news...."Dan Cooke & CCS the leading cause of divorce in America"..... sorry don't know why that crossed my mind as I sit here with my credit card in my hand...

Actually great product and great service at a great price.
02/07/2010 03:04PM
We got our 2 Pink Rucksacks and all I can say is that we are now huge fans of Dan Cooke and CCS. The packs are great and the customer service was outstanding.

When talking to Dan on the phone he had asked if the packs were for kids and I said they were going to be birthday presents for our daughters. Well, in the box with the packs there were 2 little pink zippered toiletry/purse type bags for the girls. The girls think they are great. Can't wait for their birthdays to give them their packs.
02/25/2010 10:07PM
To celebrate Dan's birthday we thought we would let this slip. The next CCS sale starts on Monday.

Out of curiosity, what CCS gear would everyone like to see 30% cheaper?
02/25/2010 10:13PM
quote GlobalGearTester: "To celebrate Dan's birthday we thought we would let this slip. The next CCS sale starts on Monday.

Out of curiosity, what CCS gear would everyone like to see 30% cheaper?"

Lean 3+ !!!
That Guy  
02/25/2010 10:16PM
The bigger of the bags.
02/25/2010 10:52PM
quote GlobalGearTester: "To celebrate Dan's birthday we thought we would let this slip. The next CCS sale starts on Monday.

Out of curiosity, what CCS gear would everyone like to see 30% cheaper?"

The large insulated food pack.
02/25/2010 10:55PM
an 8x10 1.1 oz. tundra tarp.
02/25/2010 10:58PM
I'm with Mad Angler, a lean+ would be great. I prefer the 2.
02/25/2010 10:58PM
Happy Birthday Dan!!!
02/25/2010 11:21PM
Another Lean 3+ fan!
02/26/2010 06:52AM
Happy Birthday SANTA!
02/26/2010 07:17AM
I just received my Explorer Pack; beautiful work! I also purchased, and have used extensively, a kneeling pad for my Wildfire.
I met Dan at the Midwest Freestyle Symposium last fall. He is an interesting fellow. He took the time to answer all my questions about his equipment and through in quite a few stories during our hour long conversation. I really enjoyed that hour.
I would love to see the canoe covers and food packs on sale. If they are not on the list, I'm going to buy at least the food pack this year.
Happy Birthday Dan!

02/26/2010 08:53AM
Lean 2+ !!!!
02/26/2010 10:27AM
Happy B-Day Dan...I would like to see the Lean 3 Plus on sale for 30% off...then I can place the order with out having to save any more cash!!!
02/26/2010 06:09PM
So what I am hearing is people would like a chance at the Lean line at 30% off?

Anything else stick out?

Many of you coming to Copia this year?
02/26/2010 06:15PM
and an 8x10 1.1oz tundra tarp too. cant make it to copia. :)
02/26/2010 07:16PM
10x12 1.9oz tundra tarp
02/26/2010 07:59PM
Lean + line
02/26/2010 11:06PM
quote GlobalGearTester: "So what I am hearing is people would like a chance at the Lean line at 30% off?

Anything else stick out?

Many of you coming to Copia this year?"

kneeling pads? thwart bags?
02/26/2010 11:10PM
Monday is the 1st of March, the next 30% deal? I wonder how many folks have a list made out?
02/26/2010 11:15PM
This may sound like a weird request.......but could you put the Guide Pack on sale towards the END of the year. I don't need one... but want one as it would be a nice upgrade and I'm way OVER budget on gear for this year already :) That would make a great Christmas present for me next year.

Happy Birthday Dan!
again, thanks for the awesome pink rucksacks and the little zippered bags for my girls
02/26/2010 11:25PM
the guide pack is a kondos.
02/27/2010 12:41AM
quote kanoes: "the guide pack is a kondos."

the biggest ccs hybrid pack is called a Guide Pack also
02/27/2010 12:39PM
Thanks everyone. I will see what I can do about getting some of those items on the list for the 30% deal.

Several of you are on the right track for the March deal. I am putting the web content together right now and hope to have the items listed by late tonight. Check the site later on today or tomorrow to see what Dan is dishing up next.

For those of you coming to Copia, check out CCS Photo Deal for your chance at a CCS shirt.

02/27/2010 01:03PM
my mistake ducks. thanks for the correction.
02/27/2010 06:01PM
no problem man... I did recheck the ccs website a few times last night to make sure I hadn't messed something up :) :) I almost got the kondos guide pack last year for a day pack
02/28/2010 10:02PM
For those of you that said Tarp, you win. As for the rest of you, I think you will be happy over the next few months.
03/01/2010 04:09PM
Just ordered myself a tarp..........Now its like a kid waiting for Christmas day ;-)  
03/04/2010 07:03AM
My tarp arrived yesterday. Is the ice out yet?
03/04/2010 07:42AM
Never too soon to put a new tarp up IMO. I will be using my Lean 3 Plus in 2 weeks during syruping in WI. AHHH.....spring is coming!
03/04/2010 06:36PM
Package in the door tonight.......My new tarp. Thanks for the great service Dan.
03/04/2010 10:12PM
Thanks for the link. I picked up a tarp package for a good deal.
03/06/2010 09:06AM
Also a thank you for posting this link...I finally broke down and purchased a good tarp.
03/07/2010 06:23PM
Sorry to those that ran into the problem with the site. The sale does go until Midnight. The problem has been corrected.
03/25/2010 11:21AM
Less than a week before the next deal.
04/01/2010 06:34PM
The suspense is killing me.
04/01/2010 08:25PM
It is April fools day.  
04/01/2010 08:29PM
Now THAT would be a dirty trick.
04/06/2010 03:54PM
Has anyone heard when CCS plans to release the April deal? I have my fingers crossed.
04/06/2010 07:51PM
It will have to wait till after taxes.

Dan Cooke
04/07/2010 05:49AM

I hope you can put a tarp or two on your April specials. I've recommended them for our Scout troop. We have a crew going to Philmont and the BWCA this year.
04/07/2010 04:52PM
I hope it's the Deluxe Food Pack
04/18/2010 11:26PM
Uncle Sam got back to business. Check out the site for April's gear deal.
04/19/2010 05:47PM
Kneeling Pad. Just ordered mine. Have the thin Bell pad, and have been thinking about getting the nice, thick CCS pad like some of my buddies have. I will now! And here's a pic of the "First pitch" of my new CCS Tarp. I LOVE IT, best I've ever owned! TW

04/19/2010 09:43PM
Congrats OP on both accomplishments! Colorful tarp!
04/21/2010 08:58AM
I had planned on picking one up at Canoecopia, but my mother passed away that Monday. Feeling sorry for myself I ordered it and said "My mother just passed away and planned on seeing you at Canoecopia. I want multi-color, so just surprise me." I couldn't be happier with the color combo. It's bright, cheery, and it's the St. Louis Blues' colors too (LOL)! Great people to deal with, they even sent a "Sympathy card" with the order. WW
05/23/2010 10:25PM
Looks like Traditional #2 and #3.5 in Green are on sdale for May.
06/02/2010 09:54PM
Mr Cooke has extended the May 30% deal, because of popular demand, while supplies last.
06/14/2010 08:15AM
Insulated food packs are on sale now!!!!
06/14/2010 10:10AM
Damn, because I don't have any extra money this month! %&$@*#&$!!!!
07/14/2010 11:25AM
10x10 tundra tarps are on sale- wish I had $70 in my pocket!!!
07/18/2010 09:05PM
I finally used my rucksack on a trip to Spain. Great pack, I should have bought one for my wife and two kids.
08/08/2010 09:13PM
CCS Hybrid Guide packs at 30% off, select colors apply. Plus some of the traditional style at 30% off.

08/09/2010 02:04PM
Thanks for the heads up. The guide pack is what I've been waiting for. I hadn't checked their site yet in Aug. and almost missed it.
08/09/2010 04:03PM
Thanks Cedarboy for bringing this to the top, and thanks Kanoes for posting the sale link. Just bought two packs and saved $$$$$$.
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