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03/25/2010 04:29PM
I saw in Kiporby latest trip report he added a third seat to the middle of the canoe to help with the weight distribution when paddling with his daughter. I have a similar problem two young kids who don't help paddle too much yet. I have been kneeling in the middle to help with weight and control problems but my 40+ year old knees cannot take that for very long. Do you have advice for me on adding a third seat. Should I purchase or make something for the middle? Help/advice with attachment points. The summer is coming and I have to get the canoe ready.

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03/25/2010 04:37PM
Most of the canoe shops have add-in 3rd seats. Some clamp in, others just rest on the top of gunwales.
03/25/2010 04:58PM
NorthWest Canoe sells a 3rd/middle seat. Check them out. OR,just let your kids ride on a canoe pack, that they can then acrry at the next portage. I dont let anyone ride on thwarts, too much wt. Thwarts are for lateral support of the canoe structure,not sitting on.
03/25/2010 05:12PM
We defiantly don't sit on the thwarts. I think this makes the canoe too tippy as well and not being designed for this. I like the removable option as this would be more flexible for solo paddling as well. Thanks for the help
03/25/2010 08:03PM
I've installed a lot of center seats and it's generally pretty easy. Last one I installed is the best yet. It's a seat-yoke from Ed's canoe. Here's a couple pictures and a link. If you sit you can get by with having the front edge of the seat in the holes left from the yoke. If you prefer to kneel when you're in the center, you may place it about 6" back, depending on canoe. Wood and vinyl gunnels are the easiest to work with IMHO. But, I've also worked with the aluminum drops like in Mohawks and Wenonah. They're not that difficult. Just measure, slide them up under the aluminum inner side of gunnel and drill. Rivet in and you're done. Here's a pic of the last two I installed. I didn't realize I didn't have a pic of the center seat/yoke without pad on it. Will have to take a pic without seat pad. The Mad River was a tandem Explorer 15 that I turned into a solo boat. Since I kneel I also cut my seat drops an inch shorter in back. That tilts the seat making kneeling onto the seat feel a little better. Tried to add link to Ed's but it isn't working. It is TW

03/25/2010 09:38PM
I should get a pair of 40 year old knees.
03/25/2010 10:51PM
Yeah, I hear you! My 49.5 year old knees require a thick kneeling pad. The bell is a bit too thin, need to get one of those nice CCS pads, but been using a Wallyworld 1" thick Yoga pad for the last couple years. TW
03/26/2010 09:04AM
Thanks for the help I am leaning towards the yolk center seat from Ed's. As for the knees, if I keep kneeling in the canoe, when my knees do get a few more years of experience behind them I am afraid they might be completely shot.

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