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06/11/2010 03:53PM
I never really paid to much attention to peoples profile pictures, every once in awhile I would look to see if a person had their picture or something else, Well I would Like to nominate Rich Mahogany as having the best one Ive seen yet, if you havent had a chance to see it, look it up on this board and check it out, too dang funny. Let me know about other funny ones if you see them.
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06/11/2010 03:59PM
OK I'll go check it out right now!
06/11/2010 04:01PM
I guess that could be Rich Mahogany , but i'd be willing
to bet it's a joke. ;-)
06/11/2010 04:12PM
I was kindof scared. I do like to put a face with posts though.
06/11/2010 04:19PM
Nah...That's Really Him :)
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