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Rob Johnson  
02/08/2011 07:02PM
This is the one that put PMAs in the news. The Backpacker magazine article introduced many people (including me) to the whole idea of PMAs.

Looks like EPs 54 & 55 are the best way in by heading up the Gunflint Trail. You could get a tow out to American Point if you wanted to make quick work of the big water and spend more time bushwhacking.

It appears as though there are some old portages that will get you through much of the PMA if you enter from Hanson into Link.

Closest ranger station is Grand Marais.

Here are the usual pictures:

This one has quite a few lakes and the fishing is good according to the Backpacker article.
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02/08/2011 08:26PM
We daytripped back to Nawakwa Lake a few years back. Much of the area was burned in the Cavity Lake fire. Entering from Hanson, it's pretty easy travel by PMA standards. The portages are short and in good shape. Didn't bring a fishing pole, but the lakes looked pikey - shallow and fertile.
02/09/2011 12:29PM
Old sites marked on Bullfrog, Gift, 2 on Fish, another on Nawakwa. Portages connecting all. Another scouting mission in the area would be to look for the old portage running from the east end of Ogish, west to Holt and supposedly on to Nabek and South Arm.
03/06/2011 08:30PM
03/06/2011 09:41PM
jwartman59, thanks a ton for the old maps! I have some, but the scale's a lot different, these are very useful.
03/17/2011 05:27PM
06/22/2011 03:44PM
04/02/2012 05:27PM
Is Holt not in this PMA?

Holt Lake?
04/03/2012 08:23AM
Holt not in PMA.
Rob Johnson  
04/20/2012 11:05PM
From the map above it looks like Holt is just south of the PMA. Is this where you were thinking of heading for the solo?
04/21/2012 03:30PM
I was going to do Holt solo, and then bushwhack up into Pitfall and beyond, but not this year. I am going into pitfall with my 6 year old from a Hanson basecamp. Gonna hit it in late July/early August.

Cancel that, just took a new job, going to Sundial solo instead before I start the new gig.
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