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05/24/2011 09:01AM
We counted, no lie, a group of youth with a few adults clearly traveling and camping together. A total of 24 people, and something like 11 or 12 canoes. All had rental canoes. How could an outfitter not know that who they were renting to had an over the limit group? Confused by that.

I realize it probably happens, but its a bummer to see.

Wished I had had the guts to paddle out to them and gently confront them about it, but being that we were a small group of women, I felt intimidated. :(

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05/24/2011 09:40AM
It happens. Your wisdom most likely would have fallen on deaf ears anyway. So chin up girl, keep your face into the wind and cherish all the other wonderful memories you have from your trip.
05/24/2011 10:26AM
Did you spot what rental company they were from? I'm not sure I'd be able to confront them on the water, but I'd be able to call the outfitter afterwards, or the forest service...

That's a huge violation... 24?
05/24/2011 10:29AM

What lake? I wouldn’t think a group half that size would be able to find many sites to camp together.

05/24/2011 10:33AM
Company logo was visible, but a little far away, but I think I have it narrowed down to two possible outfitters.

We saw them passing through from our site on North Wilder. We sat dumbfounded as canoe after canoe piled at the end of the portage. They spent nearly an hour there, going back for more canoes, people, gear. Then a leader gave some instructions for a while.

We saw them the following day camped on at least three of the four cluster campsites between Lake Four (after the rapids) and Hudson.

We couldn't believe it ourselves.

05/24/2011 10:34AM
Pictures are wonderful to take, and you can zoom in. Last time we meet a group like that was on Seagull Lake and they were from the scout camp and claimed they could be togther to rock climb. "They were special", little bit later rangers ran them off.
Craig K  
05/24/2011 10:47AM
That's too bad! Unfortunately the youth are only learning what the adults are teaching them. They should be teaching them to follow the rules instead!
05/24/2011 10:53AM
quote GSP: "Pictures are wonderful to take, and you can zoom in. Last time we meet a group like that was on Seagull Lake and they were from the scout camp and claimed they could be togther to rock climb. "They were special", little bit later rangers ran them off."

I actually did take at least one photo (forgot about that). Will have to look back on it and try to see if it's clear enough to solve the mystery. Thanks!
05/24/2011 11:47AM
Bummer. They probably thought that it was no big deal, but if everybody did that, I don't WANT to know what the BW would be like.
05/24/2011 12:20PM
Like others said, report it to the outfitter. Most of those outfitters want "good" business, and they will be able to figure out who that group was. No need to confront anyone.

They are either very ignorant newbies, or they should be looking very a rental somewhere else.
05/24/2011 01:30PM
I would report them also.
Whether they knew the rules or not, they will probably keep on doing the same thing in the future. Plus all those young kids may do the same thing when they get older because of bad role models.
05/24/2011 01:34PM
I'd let the outfitter and/or Forest Service know; not to get anyone in "trouble" but so the offending group can be educated. If they go again next year they'll know the rules better, know the consequences, and know that such an offense will be noticed.
05/24/2011 01:55PM
Just my .02 cents, but I feel any gross violation of the rules should be reported to the Forest Service. Its up to those who love the BWCA to help protect it.
05/24/2011 02:47PM
Definitely contact the Forest Service and, if possible, the outfitter.
05/24/2011 03:25PM
Best probably not to try and solve an issue with a group this big yourself. Report it as soon as possible. If you feel you must say something, approach from direction that they didn't read the rules and don't know them. I would find that very hard to believe as I had to sit through a video with rules, and the permit process makes it very clear, 9 total, even at portages.
05/24/2011 04:04PM
Thanks everyone. I'll report it.
05/24/2011 10:24PM
Go Rouge, Midnight Ninja Canoe Rapture
05/24/2011 10:51PM
I agree. Almost impossible to believe they weren't aware of the rules since they used an outfitter. A few years back I saw a group of 5 canoes and 11 people entering as we were e icing at Ensign Lake. They pulled up on shore for lunch and one guy fell in the lake getting out of his canoe. It was funny and seemed fitting.
Other than that I have never seen a group larger than 6.
24 is shameful!
05/25/2011 06:33AM
Hard to believe someone in that group didn't know the rules.
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