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06/17/2011 09:17AM
Any way we can get stickies on the PMA #'s in order? They are starting to get harder to find. The map posts with titles like Pitfall Lake -- PMA #7. If they were all at the top it will make it easier to find and plan :)
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Rob Johnson  
06/17/2011 02:26PM
I sent Adam that request shortly after establishing this fourm...never did hear back. Anyone who has some pull with Adam to help us make this happen would be appreciated...
06/17/2011 05:56PM
I thought you did. It took a little time to get the cookbook stickies up.
Rob Johnson  
06/22/2011 05:55PM
Getting a little bumpy out there...thanks Amok
07/20/2011 06:13AM

Stickies would be nice. Sorry for shouting. Thank you!
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