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08/12/2011 11:05AM
apologies for the cross-posting (also put this ? in the gear forum)...

Anyone have one of these? They're dirt cheap at my local Gander Mtn right now. Just curious if they're of decent quality in terms of the blade, handle, folding mechanism, etc.

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08/12/2011 11:07AM
I use a vintage Normark (which I think Rapala bought out) folding fillet knife for cutting cheese and apples and I love it. I do not use it to fillet fish as I have better knifes to fillet fish with. It is a nice knife, but there are better knifes for fish, IMO.
08/12/2011 12:08PM
Normark was started specifically to be a United States distributor of Rapala products, after some Minnesotans were impressed by these new lures some Finns had.
08/12/2011 02:31PM
I take one to the Bdub. When folded(not in use) I can't cut myself!!!!! The sheath filey knives can slip out of the sheaths. It is a typical Rapala knife, can get really sharp, dulls after 4 or 5 fish. I take one of those little 2 stage ceramic things...not as good as home, but it works for a trip.
08/12/2011 02:45PM
Ditto Bassnut. I like that it folds when not in use and the rubber handle is pretty good. If you have one of those little red sharpeners that come with other Rapala knives you should be good to go.

08/12/2011 09:31PM
Yes, agreed, I've been taking one for years. Not because it holds an edge though. I take it because it is convenient, fold up, good grip. I have to sharpen it before about every two to three fish. I'd say it is a good buy for a week or two a year. But get something else good for home.
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