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08/14/2011 02:09PM
We measured 29 inches long but didn't get the girth.

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Savage Voyageur  
08/14/2011 02:41PM
Look in the fishing regulations booklet, they will get you close.
08/14/2011 03:38PM
I'm guessing 3.5 pounds.
08/14/2011 04:48PM
quote gutmon: "I'm guessing 3.5 pounds. "

Looks like a pretty good guess.
08/14/2011 09:06PM
After checking three different online weight-to-length charts and seeing consistent numbers, it looks like a 29" northern pike will weigh about 7#.

Fish weight-to-length chart
08/15/2011 07:56AM
To me, northerns are the "slipperiest" fish to guess weights on. They can be long and skinny, long and massive, squatty fat, etc. I have no idea how much that one weighed, but guessing on northerns is a shot in the dark.
08/15/2011 08:29AM
That's a nice, thick fish, Nick. I'd lean more towards seven pounds, but one thing you can be certain of, Nick, is that when it comes to the size and length of fish, most of us are guessing. I've got rulers attached to the bottom of my canoe, but I don't even trust those. My canoe isn't flat. Fish sure aren't flat. And unflat, flopping fish are measured on a concave surface in a literal second.
08/15/2011 08:33AM
P.S. - It's good that you didn't get the girth. That's a measurement I'd trust even less on Mr. Mucous. It's better to return the fish to the water as quickly as possible to thank him for the thrill of touching something so wild and lovely.
08/16/2011 02:01PM
Guessing about 4 pounds.... but a guess is all I can offer.
08/16/2011 03:45PM
I can't imagine a sub-30" northern weighing 7#. Looks like maybe 4# to me. Could use as bait for big one ;)
08/16/2011 09:15PM
Id guess 4 1/2 to 5 pounds, healthy fish nice coloration.
08/17/2011 09:15AM
quote Basspro69: "Id guess 4 1/2 to 5 pounds, healthy fish nice coloration. "

That would be my guess, too.
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