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08/19/2011 12:52AM
Hi everyone. Heading into disappointment with the family for the first time next week! I'm wondering what the bears and fish have been up to? I know there was a lot of reports on bears last year, just wanna know whats up this year. Any info is appreciated. Thanks wildone
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08/19/2011 12:49PM
I was up there last year and had big problems with bears on the campsite in the narrows thats actually a hiking campsite. I would HIGHLY recomend NOT going to that site for 2 reasons, first its hard to get up there with no canoe landing and a very steep slippery rocky wall. Second, we had a bear come in on us twice weighing roughly 250 lbs we had to relocate at 8 oclock at night.
08/19/2011 01:25PM
Of course it was a year ago this week I think...we stayed on the south end of the lake and had no issues. Think i have a trip report on it.
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