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09/03/2011 10:22AM
We just changed our entry point to Crab lake and leaving next Friday. We checked the Mn lake finder and it doesn't list walleyes in the lake. Any one have knowledge of walleyes in crab or cummings. Thanks for any and all info.

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09/03/2011 05:04PM
Very good Smallmouth Lakes and some good pike also, but I dont beleive either has walleyes in it, at least Ive never caught any in them.p.s. Its been a few years since Ive fished either lake.
jb in the wild  
09/03/2011 10:02PM
Wow Tony I was there almost 20 years ago and there were no Walleye caught back then. I have faith if anyone can put them in the canoe I hope it's you.

Good Luck. Safe trip.

See ya in a month.

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