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09/13/2011 11:18PM
Hi guys - my first post...what an awesome site. I'm going to Birch Lake/Carp Lake area over the second weekend in October with my son and a couple of buddies (assuming its not charred by then). This is later in the fall than I normally go and am wondering what to expect fishing wise. Any thoughts, tips or pointers? We're interested in multi species (smallies, walleyes, big northerns). Thanks!
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09/14/2011 03:36AM
Welcome aboard!!! This is really an awesome site,, years ago I was one of those guys who thought I "knew everything" about the BW. This site changed me for the better.
Well-- if Birch/carp is gonna burn,, I hope it starts from another fire/ LTG strike or whatever,, because if that happens, most of the Western Half of the BW would be toast.
As far as fishing goes,,, I would go deep (+20),big and slow--- big minnows would be ideal,, but trolling large cranks off secondary breaks during the day and primary breaks during low-light periods should put something in the canoe. I would think slimers would love a big mepps spinnerbait or 6" sucker (or something like it) at that time,,, but over deeper water. They will come up and slam. OCT is time for the bigger fish as the heart of fall rolls around -- being it's not their first rodeo,,, bang for their buck is what they think for feeding.

09/14/2011 11:09AM

Don't forget to be prepared for any type of weather.

09/14/2011 11:10PM
Thanks Whitewolf, good thoughts. I wasn't planning to bring minnows, might have to.
09/14/2011 11:13PM
Thanks inspector, you got that right. 29 degrees this morning, could be breaking ice by then....
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