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11/03/2011 03:25PM
I'm considering a trip the first week of May (after the spring Wingnight). I'm really concerned about the normal conditions at that time of the year. If a lot of the lakes/rivers will still have ice, if there will be more snow than not, if the avg temp will be bouncing back and forth around the freezing point as the norm, I may have to reconsider my trip till June. I don't do the cold too well anymore. I want this trip (solo) to be a sightseeing challenge with perhaps a little bit of mother nature's surprises. But I don't want to plan a pain fest, survival ordeal that ain't gonna be much fun and basically defeats the purpose of the trip. Wanting to go in at Mudro an come out on Fall. Am I biting off more than I can chew?
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11/03/2011 04:58PM

That will be cutting it very close for next year. The average ice out for Fall Lake is April 27th. Last year it was the 29th. Also ice out for Basswood wasn’t until May 5th last year. A La Nina weather pattern has set up, and this winter is being predicted to be colder than normal. Last year was also a La Nina year.

As for temps for the first week of May, the average low will be around 32F and the average high around 55F. All the snowpack should be gone, but it can snow that time of year.

11/04/2011 08:27AM
no such thing as normal weather in may. a trip 2 years ago in the middle of may started in the 20's with high winds and snow/sleet. by the last two days in the trip, i was getting highs in the mid 80's.
11/04/2011 09:46AM
For what it's worth????? you could poke around here.
11/04/2011 12:02PM
If you don't do cold well, then I wouldn't go on a solo trip in early May. Weather is too unpredictable and typically cold at that time of year. Water will be very cold, if not still frozen. It could snow, sleet or rain - all of which would compound the cold temperatures. Maybe think of later in the month or a September trip.
11/04/2011 01:44PM
Thanks to all for your replies/info.Initially I was considering a first week in June trip for my first solo. But the spring Wingnight next year caused me to wonder if maybe I could do it after that weekend. As I sorta feared, the weather will most likely be too dicey that early in the season so I'll probablly revert back to June and have to forgo the spring Wingnight. Still lots of time to think about it; who knows, maybe I'll start having hot flashes and be able to melt the ice for everyone on opening day. Thanks again for your input.
11/05/2011 10:42AM
you could do a trip on one of the super rivers of northern wisc. resorts could shuttle your car for a small fee. more fun than the BWCA, less people, no portaging, and excellent fishing (in season). the rivers are usually open sometime in march, the flowing parts anyways. weather is like minnesota, you really can't guess what it will be but be prepared for the worst. photo of flambeau, early spring.
11/05/2011 10:20PM
I dunno....I like that time of year for the lack of people and of bugs, but it can be miserable. It can be the best time of year, too, so who knows? If you don't need to make plans too early, you can play it a bit by ear to see how the forecast is, and then make your decision.

I'm always hesitant to do too much soloing super early/late in the year....Accidents happen, and I'd hate to tip mid-lake in 43 degree water. Maybe I'm a wimp (I am), and maybe I'm overly cautious (I probably am), but I'd prefer a bit more leeway than a trip that time of year allows.
11/06/2011 03:11PM
Thanks jwartman59 and carmike. Still contemplating the pros vs. cons. A lot of time before I have to decide. Looking for a bit of a challenge, but I don't want to err on the side of stupidity.
11/11/2011 09:11PM
My first trip, I researched the weather archives for my first day in, June 20. The record low is 36, high 94. Good luck with the first week of May...;-)
11/12/2011 09:14AM
quote maxxbhp: "My first trip, I researched the weather archives for my first day in, June 20. The record low is 36, high 94. Good luck with the first week of May...;-)"

Thanks. I'm slowly warming up to the fact (pun intended) the first week in May just might not be such a clever idea weather wise.
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