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      Louisa to Glacier via Gamp?


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01/02/2012 03:53PM
Anybody here done that? It was suggested in another thread but no comments. I know some leg of that has to be steep because Arp to Louisa is, but maybe not so hard following the waterways.
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01/03/2012 01:30AM
I know a guy who did it. They had to sleep in the woods, half way there. Not much to paddle, as I recall him saying.
Good luck.
01/03/2012 09:54PM

At one time there was a portage into Gamp which was formerly know as Cross Lake. Our very own has a Map that shows the old portage routes.

SNF & Quetico Canoe Routes Map -- 1929

I remember seeing that and checking current maps and not seeing that it was still shown as a current route...for whatever reason.
01/05/2012 12:20PM
That may very well have been a winter route. It would make little sense to use that route in summer due to lack of water.
01/05/2012 08:41PM
I remember getting out and walking around trying to find that portage trail about 15 years ago. No luck.
01/05/2012 09:59PM
It's also on Fisher map E-15. Seems like an interesting adventure.
01/06/2012 06:58AM
Yes it was on my map too,but still could not find anything.Yes at one time probably was something.I have a map showing a portage into Swartmen lake also. But I know of none. Like some I walked thru the brush for alway's looking for it.In reality it is nice to have some destinations with no portage trail.Makes it more wild a challenging.
01/06/2012 10:04AM
I believe the portage is a "Fisher Fantasy", like the portage from the northern Tuck river to Marj- straight lines heedlessly drawn over crooked terrain.
01/06/2012 11:22AM
If you're interested, the guy I know who did it, is Jeff Hway. He works at Bear Island Land Co. He used to work for Tom & Woods Outfitters at the same time I worked at CBO.
I'm sure he'd be willing to talk about it, if you contact him.
01/06/2012 01:16PM
quote Banksiana: "I believe the portage is a "Fisher Fantasy", like the portage from the northern Tuck river to Marj- straight lines heedlessly drawn over crooked terrain."

That's a good term to describe many unused Canadian portages and/or foot paths . I've thought about them many times as I study maps and wonder why they are on the map in the first place and who would have drawn them on there.

I'm not a cartographer so I don't know the history behind the maps but I suspect many of the features of today's modern Fischer maps have some origins from way back when the red lines actually were a portage used by people or machinery. Who knows?

01/07/2012 08:29PM
Some of the portages on the old maps were wishful thinking by people who had never traveled through the area. Same with campsite locations.
09/18/2015 06:35PM
Interesting that this has reappeared in a discussion thread.I still have my original Boy Scout Quetico map from my first trip in 1967 out of the Region 10 Charles Summers base on Moose Lake. We made it from Moose to Louisa first day (no tow, what a day) and the next morning took the portage from Louisa to Glacier. Took a full morning and had a small lake in the middle (Camp?). Went on to Wet Lake that night. Having been through there several times since, this short cut missed a lot of nice small lakes, and besides, I like Glacier a lot.
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