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06/26/2007 10:27AM
Sometimes I babble on this site just for the sake of adding another pine tree above my name, take this thread for example. In my mind everyone with 5 trees has calloused hands, a weathered face, gray hair and has probably even killed a bear with bare hands. I killed a mouse once -- with a trap.

Here's my point. What comes after 5 pines? My suggestion is a new symbol like a canoe or a bear. What do you think?
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moose plums  
06/26/2007 10:47AM
yes the hands are slightly calloused,and the hair is graying, Although I haven't killed a bear with my bare hands, I still have a pretty face!!!!
06/26/2007 11:51AM
After 5 pines they teach you the "secret handshake" and send you a decoder ring in a box of pine cone cereal. I can hardly wait.
06/26/2007 12:33PM
06/26/2007 12:50PM
I think then comes the 1 canoe. You can get a canoe for every 1,000 or so post you make. So you get thrust back into having only one item by your name. I think that fate is enough for me never to post again once I hit 999. The good news is I still have a few hundred post to give.
06/26/2007 01:02PM
10,000 LT. You're close. ;-)
06/26/2007 02:30PM
Its sad that now we have members with tree envy..... can't we all just be happy with what we have...

I think you need a trip to the BWCA to relax!

Hope all is well I will be in the WCA in less than two weeks... Yippie!
06/26/2007 08:08PM
Coming from a 4 tree'er!
The Great Outdoors  
06/26/2007 10:18PM
Well put, Eagleson,

Next thing you know, Irishstone will be posting, how much is 1+1, 2+2, etc, whenever the psychotic need to get that 5th tree at any cost, hits him (or her):)
(Kind of like me on this post consisting of nothing but gibberish!!!!) :)
06/26/2007 11:14PM
So what kind of a canoe do I get for posting this gibberish?
SR Kevlar? That would be sweet!
06/27/2007 06:12AM
Please don't scold Irishstone's true, I have tree envy. It's true that I need to relax and it's also true that I need a trip to the wilderness to get away from TV's, telephones and everything electronic to accomplish that goal. Likely by the first weekend in August after a week in the Mudro loop I'll recline, relax and after a trip report slow down a bit on posting. Or maybe not.
The Great Outdoors  
06/27/2007 07:20AM
Fishguts, You don't get anything for posting that, Mr. Five Trees. Once they reach the top, they want more, sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh! :)
06/27/2007 11:34PM
Well it should be the quality of the message not the number!
06/28/2007 09:27AM
I think you should keep giving out more trees. More people on their computer, less I see on the water:)
06/28/2007 09:36AM

I was just joking....

Can't beat the great advice and fun stories I get to hear on this site when I am not in the woods.

Its all about having fun in matter where you are...

If anyone takes me too serious we have a real problem. I always say If i start action all serious for more than a minute its time to duck and cover because the end of the world can't be far behind!

07/04/2007 08:07PM
just noticed this. When I first joined up in April,I thought,"Look at those trees, must be veterans/locals of many trips." Now I notice more than one by mine and realize that (at least in my case ) it's for being inquisitive and windy!! 8,9,10---then what?
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