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07/09/2007 06:29AM
It is time to start the July 2007 Photo contest.

The theme for this month's contest is "Portages". Post your best photos of portages or portaging in the BWCA or Quetico.

Monthly Category: Portages

- You must be signed in as a member with a valid email address in your profile to enter (or win).
- You can only enter one photo per monthly contest. You can enter the same photo if it did not win in a previous month.
- You must be the photographer of the photo.
- Photos are entered in the contest by making a reply posting to this message and using the "Add a photo to this message" link during composition. This will allow you to upload a photo from your computer to the contest or allow you to select a photo which you have already loaded into your photo gallery on this site. If you want to enter your photo in another way, please contact us.
- Please describe in the message where the picture is from.
- Judging will be done by the staff and moderators.
- A member may win once per year.
- Photos must be posted to this message by 11:59pm on July 31st.

- Photos must be in jpg or gif format to be uploaded to the site. Contact me if you have something in a different format or are having problems uploading to the site.

Thank you for participating!


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07/09/2007 06:46AM
This is a photo of a portage on the way out of Iron lake. To me its this is a testament to Lora's inner strength, we made it all the way from Iron to ep 16 in one day. and to think that 10 months ago she almost died and was in the hospital for 2 1/2 weeks after the accident. I am very proud of her!

07/09/2007 07:06AM

Portage from Shell Lake.
07/09/2007 09:09AM
This is a hard one for me, If my camera hadn't broken i'd have some.
I'll have to dig deep in the albums. I do have one good portages pic for 2004, that is in a group of photo's, that I can't find.
I'll try to chime in later this month.
07/09/2007 09:10AM
At Fairy Lake from Gun Lake.
07/09/2007 09:16AM
07/09/2007 09:39AM
Kahshahpiwi to Side lake. June 2007.
07/09/2007 09:51AM
Alright I dug through the albums. I may regret doing this if I find the long lost 2004 photo's. However this is a portage from snowbank to some area lake.
moose plums  
07/09/2007 10:51AM
Obergut, love that photo!!!!!!
07/09/2007 01:16PM
Negotiating the Hatchet/Ima portage.

07/09/2007 01:34PM
Don't we wish all landings were THIS easy! Monument Portage - Swamp Lake to Ottertrack side.
07/09/2007 02:02PM
A photo of a painted turtle by insula portage
07/09/2007 02:09PM
Ready to go over portage from Little Trout Lake - May 2005
07/09/2007 02:40PM
Obergut, that's nasty! I don't even know if I'd put foot in that muck for fear of never hitting anything solid!
07/09/2007 03:05PM
And that particular batch of mud STINKS if memory serves.
07/09/2007 03:15PM
BigZig - That shot's fantastic - priceless!
07/09/2007 03:35PM
Me and the Old Town on the way to Snowbank Aug. 2006

07/09/2007 03:36PM
Beemer, absolutely nothing wrong with your memory. It stunk pretty bad, but we would easily have done this one several times over that Death March Portage again!
07/09/2007 03:48PM
Obergut, I'm sorry but I have to laugh every time I see that pic. :)

Great shot!
07/09/2007 04:26PM
I love sunsets and moose sightings and trophy fish snapshots, but to me there's no greater sight in the Boundary Waters than seeing a lake appear through the trees at the end of a long portage.

This was taken in May of this year, and I believe this is the portage from Ashub to Disappointment. While it wasn't a long portage, I thought this picture kinda captured the joy of seeing that light at the end of the tunnel.
07/09/2007 06:16PM

07/09/2007 06:24PM

Portage past Horsetail Rapids on Marabouf Lake just South of Saganaga Falls.
07/09/2007 09:19PM

A tricky portage! This is going from Cherry to Lunar Lake, the first of five lovely (really!) portages on the way to Ottertrack (or the final trial if you're going the other way...)
07/09/2007 09:22PM
From Alpine to Red Rock during the Alpine fire. The hoses pumped water from the lakes to sprinklers set in trees along the portage. We were going to camp on Red Rock, but after watching the water bomber circling and the smoke rolling towards us, we decided to backtrack.
07/09/2007 09:23PM
I always take too much stuff!!!!

07/09/2007 09:51PM
Ima side of the Hatchet portage, which is a little tricky to locate.
07/09/2007 09:58PM

from the Boundary Waters Journal, Summer 07, page 35
My son portaging a canoe into Side Lake, Quetico
07/09/2007 10:11PM
Roller portage between Ojibway and Triangle Lake. Awesome.
07/09/2007 10:18PM

stairway portage going out of Rose
07/09/2007 11:00PM
Beatty Portage
07/10/2007 09:38AM
Our first portage on our first ever trip to the BWCA. This is Little Rock Falls, flowinig out of Magnetic Lake and into the Pine River. Anyone know what is left of this area after the fire?
07/10/2007 09:51AM
Early Morning Put-in on Picket Creek (EP#23)
07/10/2007 10:04AM

I recognize those canoes! I bet under them are SF and JB and so I am guessing that is the Missing Link Portage.
07/10/2007 10:41AM
"portage" in the Hairy Lake PMA (I think this was between Iris Lake and Fetters Lake) -- July 2007

07/10/2007 11:24AM
Those PMA potages are much more like the rest of the forest than a portage. ;)
07/10/2007 04:28PM

I crossed that portage on snowshoes this last winter. Had no idea I was walking on rollers!
07/10/2007 04:46PM
Nice one Eglath! :0

This is another "portage", this is Pageant Creek just south of Rangeline Lake. Here portage equals drag the canoe, and hope you don't sink into the bog.
07/11/2007 11:22PM
Here is mine. West end of Monument portage(I think), equipment pack, 70lb Osagis canoe, GPS, and open toe sandals.(just for Sully).
07/12/2007 10:13AM

Portage out of Lonely Lake towards Jean (there was a small lake in between, but I don't recall its name) in the Quetico, Summer 2005.
07/12/2007 02:14PM
That would be Yeh Lake
07/12/2007 03:41PM
Fulcrum, all the different lines in that picture are fantastic!
07/12/2007 04:09PM
A well used portage/highway

Canoe Dude  
07/13/2007 10:39AM
Portage at Lower Basswood Falls early August 2006
07/13/2007 11:24AM
07/13/2007 06:10PM

Little Isabella River Portage
September 2006

07/13/2007 06:19PM
to/from horse canoe42?
07/14/2007 07:06AM
Prairie Portage on a fall trip with my daughter
07/14/2007 09:06AM

Grand Central Station - Portage From Ashigan to Gibson
07/14/2007 09:15AM

This is a "make your own portage" between Adams and Boulder Lakes. With the lack of water last summer...getting from Adams to Boulder was a real experience.
07/14/2007 09:28AM

Portage between Steep and South Lakes
07/15/2007 05:47PM

Lake Agnes to Boulder River
07/18/2007 02:56PM
Island Life & Disappointment Memoirs: Reflecting on life as it is on Disappointment Lake while the sun retreats far away.
Portage Monkey  
07/20/2007 03:30PM
Here is one looking south from the portage between Mudro and Fourtown.
07/20/2007 03:57PM
this is wendy's favorite portage
Portage Monkey  
07/20/2007 04:58PM

Where is that? It looks so familiar.
07/20/2007 05:24PM
Curtain falls portage:
07/20/2007 06:46PM
Portage between Lake one and Lake two
07/20/2007 07:47PM
i think it is the 48 rodder between koma and polly, beat the heck out of carrying everything. we were soaked from the rain and on our way out.
Wilderness Paddler  
07/21/2007 10:41AM
One Last Portage

"Anyone who tells you portaging is fun is either a liar, or crazy, or maybe both."

-Bill Mason
07/22/2007 11:23AM
Between Clark lake and Crab
07/22/2007 06:51PM
Portage between Brent Lake and unnamed lake in Quetico.

07/22/2007 09:57PM
kellyrth.....great pic....great portage. we call that the 'wizard of oz portage!' felt like we were walking right into the witch's forest when we entered that one!
BSA Troop 641  
07/23/2007 12:21AM
Horse portage.
07/23/2007 11:29AM
On the other side of Gabro Lake Portage
07/23/2007 12:37PM
Here's my recently finished Cedarstrip at the end of a portage on the S. Kawishiwi river. I know it doesn't show the portage well, but it's as close as I have.

07/24/2007 10:07PM
You guys are gonna like this action shot of an eagle taking advantage of free lunch. There were actually two eagles but the first one missed the fish on its attempt and this one capatilized. I have the picture of the first eagle as well if you are interested!!!
07/24/2007 10:16PM
I know its not a portage pic but I thought you all would enjoy!!
Ho Ho  
07/25/2007 06:00AM
I love portages. Seriously. Always lots to see. I have tons of pictures taken along them. But this picture focuses on the "portage" itself - a pickup-stick array of logs tossed over a boggy patch on the second portage from Kahshahpiwi to Joyce Lakes (Quetico). Tricky with the canoe!

07/25/2007 10:06AM
AH! - Water!

Sometimes, the best part of a portage.
moose plums  
07/25/2007 01:39PM
Always the best part!!!!
07/25/2007 02:35PM

The beginning on Misquah.

A view looking down on Little Trout. The end of the portage from Misquah to Little Trout. Awesome...
07/26/2007 08:18PM

Mark makes a heavy lift at the Bird-Anubis portage,Quetico.

"wait--before i help you with that let me get a shot!"
07/28/2007 09:38AM
Silver Falls - Into Saganagons
June - 07
07/28/2007 10:11AM
Ho Ho - love that shot of the Kahshahpiwi to Joyce Lakes portage. Quite an engineering feat. But one slip may be remembered as the "Nut Cracker Portage" :-)
07/28/2007 06:44PM
As the sight of water came into view....
07/29/2007 07:33PM
Halfway through the portage from Vera to Ensign, July 14, 2007.
07/30/2007 11:12AM
Kurt Portaging the Wenonah Sundowner on an easier portage down the Falls Chain
Ho Ho  
07/30/2007 12:24PM
Hey snakecharmer, I actually did slip on the pickup sticks pictured above while carrying the canoe. Well, not exactly "slip" - I put a foot down on one end of one of the logs, which seesawed up and sent my entire leg into the water and muck. Had to toss off the canoe to get my leg out of the muck, and then lift the canoe back up on my shoulders while balancing on the logs. Lesson learned: You not only have to step carefully on the logs, but the place on the log you put your weight has to be supported at both ends. Fortunately, I just got mucky; no family jewels were harmed. Here I am cleaning off the leg when I got to the end at Joyce Lake.

07/30/2007 07:44PM
07/31/2007 01:45PM
here's a different take on the photo contest from our 7/23/7 - 7/28/7 trip
this was somewhere between disappointment lake and alice

Go Solo  
07/31/2007 10:30PM

My friends first portage, let him carry the canoe, I think he actually volunteered.

Me on a solo alone in the woods with my canoe.
08/06/2007 02:17AM
Do we have a winner yet?????
08/10/2007 07:45AM
Do we have a winner now????
08/10/2007 09:36AM
Dang I have the perfect photo for this which is on my home computer which has just been broken, I will try and get it out even if it is too late tomorrow.
08/13/2007 10:04PM
Yup! I keep looking at this to see who won.... Who Won!?
08/14/2007 07:53AM
Very tough month to decide - lots and lots of great pictures! The judges are highly stressed!!!
Ho Ho  
08/14/2007 08:47AM
I just thought you all were on vacation - it is paddling season after all.
08/14/2007 08:53AM
That too.
08/14/2007 09:44AM
The winner of the July contest is Oberguts! The second hat goes to Fulcrum. The trip report contest winner is Buck47! Congratulations! And thanks to everyone for entering.
08/19/2007 08:22AM

A little late, but I thought it fit the description quite well.
08/21/2007 01:11PM
This is a little late as well. This is on Crab "Creek," 8-18-07. Water pretty much ran out or was dammed up by beavers so it ended up as an entire portage with no trail. Took about 3 hours and got out just at sunset. Fun stuff.

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