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04/15/2012 11:14PM
My wife started her love affair with the BWCA packaging food for an outfitter. If we watch our Ps and Qs, and beg shamelessly, she will sometimes do it yet. It really cuts down on weight and waste. Each portion is measured and packaged in plastic bags - which are stored in a larger brown paper bag.

Included in each bag are: A book of matches, a brillo (if it is a cooking meal) and several alcohol wipes. On the outside, the bag is labeled with the day and meal - such as "Sunday lunch."


SUNDAY LUNCH (cold meal): 2 hard tack, 1 portion gorp, 1 small box raisins, 1 small candy bar - per person. For the group, 1 pkg flavoured drink, 1 small bag peanut butter, one small bag jelly (poke a hole in the bag and squirt PB and jelly on your hard tack).

SUNDAY SUPPER (hot meal): 1 portion portable soup, 2 hard tack, 1 brownie - per person. for the group: Coffee, 1 pkg flavoured drink.

MONDAY BREAKFAST (hot meal): 1 portion oatmeal, 1 portion brown sugar, 1 small box raisins. For the group: Tang, coffee.

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04/16/2012 08:05AM
I'm doing this with vacuum bags now. I don't have specific days set for them though it's pretty much whatever I feel like eating at the time. Generally separate out individual meals for breakfast lunch and dinner, then vacuum bag each meal. Kind of like MREs but mine don't weigh a ton and have a bunch of extra junk in them. ;P
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