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04/20/2012 05:39PM
My group is visiting the East BWCA Memorial Day weekend, despite that time signaling the beginning of mosquito season. What are some entry points where mosquitoes are at least less of a problem than in others?

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04/20/2012 06:07PM
Do you want the truth or can i lie?

04/20/2012 06:09PM
EP 689: Bolivia
04/20/2012 06:15PM
In all seriousness, stay in the wind, and hope yer lucky with the hatch.
04/20/2012 06:22PM
Doomed all around, I'm sure. What about elevated areas, though?

Am I just straining now?
04/20/2012 06:26PM
quote 1SummaBirch: "Doomed all around, I'm sure. What about elevated areas, though?

Am I just straining now?"

Are you on the latrine?
04/20/2012 07:11PM
But if I'm screwed no matter what (yes), any recommendations for an east BWCA entry point?
04/20/2012 07:32PM
Something to consider: I know many people don't appreciate a well worn/used campsite. But, one distinct advantage of there not being alot of weeds & grass around is that the bug populations are, by nature, far less. This doesn't mean you will totally avoid them. But, every advantage helps.

BTW : In no way am I trying to condone or justify pulling, cutting, or clearing weeds/grass etc. Just saying that those sites that are deficient in that respect are normally much more bug friendly.
04/20/2012 09:03PM
I'm sorry, but I had to laugh at your subject line.

The best thing to do is just plan for mosquitos to be there. Bring bug spray and use it when you need to. Keep in mind that wind does push the mosquitos away, and although you can't plan for the wind, you can head for the tent in the evening when the skeeters really come out.
04/20/2012 09:15PM
The best place to avoid mosquitoes is in clothes treated with permethrin.
04/20/2012 11:47PM
quote bumabu: "EP 689: Bolivia"

Or 690: McMurdo Base.
04/21/2012 12:01AM
Laughing alongside jackfish. Asked myself "is this a serious question?". If so I say EP 1734. A raft in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean might be mosquito free.
04/21/2012 08:12AM
I'd agree with the permethrin suggestion. Also, a lightweight shirt with long sleeves can be a big help. Maybe mosquitos don't like me as much as some other people, or maybe I'm a bit more tolerant. With the use of permethrin and a long sleeve shirt, I've been on several trips where I've only used bug spray once or twice (or not at all). I do, however, also use a headnet at dusk sometimes before we get a fire going. If you stay up late enough, the mosquitos disappear until morning.

Be prepared for em....but don't worry too much. It's not that big a deal.

04/21/2012 08:19AM
quote oldgentleman: "The best place to avoid mosquitoes is in clothes treated with permethrin."
I second the permethrin. I've also seen people wear the entire bug suit before also. That's a fashion statement.

04/21/2012 08:37AM
Stay in doors or move out of state.
04/21/2012 09:56AM
Whitewater State Park
04/21/2012 10:45AM
quote Canoeski999: "quote oldgentleman: "The best place to avoid mosquitoes is in clothes treated with permethrin."
I second the permethrin. I've also seen people wear the entire bug suit before also. That's a fashion statement."

I've thought about grabbing something like this for the girls. Nette is a trooper, but the daughter is a little bitchy when it comes to bugs.
04/21/2012 11:22AM
Mosquitoes and black flies and other fun things are part of being in the outdoors. There are several other threads that speak to how to cope with them, when they are the worst, etc.
Generally speaking they do not like wind, smoke, being over open water and various chemicals. They are worst at dawn and especially dusk.
I personally do not like chemicals so sit or stand close to the fire at dawn and dusk enjoying my camp coffee. I hold the clothing I will wear around camp over a smokey fire, and cover as much skin as possible. At portages I do not linger because as long as you are moving around they are less an issue. I also usually go later in the year when the peak mosquito season has past.
Mostly just know they are there, you will find a way to cope and they will not ruin your trip unless you are really unlucky and find the notorious fleet of fighter mosquitoes that have been known to carry off full grown moose. At least that is the legend. In reality they are not that much worse than I find in my back yard here in Iowa.
04/21/2012 02:02PM
quote 1SummaBirch: "My group is visiting the East BWCA Memorial Day weekend, despite that time signaling the beginning of mosquito season. What are some entry points where mosquitoes are at least less of a problem than in others?


Go to the Rocky Mountains or somewhere in the Southwest like Santa Fe or Arches National Park.

04/21/2012 02:33PM
Pretty hard to avoid them, some areas/months/years are better/worse than others. I usually wear lightweight, long pants/shirts on portages and as a number have suggested, get a bug net for your head.

There will be bugs; that's part of the adventure!

Welcome to the board, by the way, and don't take some of the more "harsh" comments too personally; they are just having fun. The folks on this site are incredible people, and you will want to keep coming back to harvest the amazing fields of experience and knowledge that the members here have.
rookie in 03  
04/21/2012 06:01PM
You just never know. I went in ep16 last Mem Day prepared for bugs and didn't see any until the last portage coming out. 26degree low took care of them until the next hatch. Welcome.
04/21/2012 07:31PM
Yes, seriously, don't be offended by the banter here. We don't intend any offense.

Also re: the permethrin treatment for clothes etc, it works well on all biting bugs, and especially on TICKS! I hate ticks!

Permethrin and deet will keep the ticks away.
04/22/2012 08:38PM
quote tumblehome: "quote 1SummaBirch: "Am I just straining now?"
Are you on the latrine?"

Did nobody else completely fall off of their chair with that one??
Thanks, tumblehome :)
04/23/2012 08:16AM
Sometimes there are no bugs, mostly there are. Black flies are the worst. Mosquitoes really aren' that much of a problem other than in the evening - long as you stay out of low spots and tight woods. After dark, most of the summer mosquitoes disappear after dark.

Black fly hatch can be bad, but I've never seen a really bad hatch while paddling the BWCA. They can get so bad that you can't put anything down. There are so many they camo everything and you can't find anything. A hatch that bad is rare, however, and very doubtful for this year.
04/23/2012 10:41AM
Where you find a good pine branch to take a break is good "There is always a breeze in the pines" Less mosquitoes in breeze.

Mosquitoes cannot handle well 7.5 MPH winds.

No wind? Consider cedar Pellets the size of pin heads.
04/23/2012 10:58AM
Go to REI and check out the mosquito netting that is designed to go over a sleeping area. I picked one up and it packs small and light. Its big enough to cover maybe a 4x8 foot area so its big enough for 2 maybe 3 people to sit in to get away from the bugs. Works great when eating dinner and you want to eat in peace.

I think they cost maybe $10-15 so not real expensive. They also come in some different shapes and sizes so just pick the one that works the best for you.
04/23/2012 09:53PM
Start practicing Karate, 'cause it will feel like it when your are constantly swatting at the mosquitoes and biting flies. Wax On!
04/23/2012 11:16PM
Dealng with mos/flys is as much a state of mind as anything. Part of the experience. They dont come out all day just for a short while each evening.
04/24/2012 09:05AM
bring a head net. i always bring one along for the gnats (spelling) too.

however, of all my nights out there i only felt compelled to wear it one or two. for $10 it's nice to have
04/24/2012 09:11AM
:) Yep; just plan on them, but Memorial Day is a toss-up on whether they are out or not.
Bring spray,headnet,long sleeves and pants for at least evenings. Try for a fairly open camp with a breeze.
I usually go around that time and only had one bad time with flies/buzzers (I treat clothing with permethrin). That bad time was on a warm sunny still day when I walked back into the pines away from camp to hang my shower bag. (I did not have unscented soap;which helps,I've heard). They ate me up! Otherwise, no incidents. Make sure you NEVER leave the tent unzipped for any time you don't need to. Flies and spider can spend the night inside and wreak havoc!
04/24/2012 08:31PM
never had much problem with mosquitoes...but black flies...well that's another story.
Ho Ho  
04/24/2012 10:11PM
I recommend your local shopping mall to avoid mosquitos or other nasty biters . . .

Really, they aren't so bad, but I don't think you can plan an entry point to avoid them anyway. Sometimes a particular campsite or portage will be particularly bad on a particular day due to particular weather and particular nearby environmental conditions, but there's so many variables involved you don't know until you get there.

04/25/2012 09:03AM
Plan for the worst, hope for the best.
My wife and I have been bringing this screen tent along since a bad bug experience a few years ago. we leave the poles at home, so it weighs very little. best part is, we haven't had to use it as the bugs haven't been bad since.
04/29/2012 02:59PM
+1 on permethrin
05/02/2012 03:36AM
If possible, choose a campsite with wind coming in to camp from the water, not the woods. My 4 year old son wore one of these last year and it seemed to help...
05/04/2012 09:56PM
Next year- Labor Day rather than Memorial Day.
05/08/2012 11:59PM
After 20some trips to BDub at all times of year, I truly believe just looking at your topographical map for marshy area, in which to avoid, is a first strategy. Additionally an open and adventurous mind is important. Go for a paddle, dip in the lake, or retreat to the tent if they're real bad. No need to go any place else or a different time of year. I think special clothing is a gimmic (they'll be sure to bother you somehow), so spray on some Deet, or whatever, and hope for a little breeze. My experience is that these MN State Birds are worse at dusk. So bring a good book and/or a cuddle buddy and welcome yourself to your northwoods adventure! Have a great time and focus on other things, which we know you do anyway.
05/09/2012 07:46AM
Great info here, as usual. I will definitely pack in the spray and prepare for the worst. That said, I prefer not to soak myself in DEET if at all possible so I'm curious if anyone has thoughts on these alternative methods of bug protection:

1. Thermacell. Saw a reference to one in another thread and looked into it, and I gotta say it sounds pretty awesome if it works even half decently.

2. REI has some citronella wilderness soap that I plan on trying this year. Hey, you need soap anyway, right?

3. Those little anti-bug incense sticks that you light.

I may give them each a try just to do some research on what works best. I will definitely be getting some permethrin too!
05/09/2012 08:01AM
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