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04/24/2012 06:14PM
Heading to Brule for the first time mid May. I know there hasn't been any lakers in the DNR samples for quite some time, but I have heard whispers about the presence of lake trout in Brule. Going to be targeting walleyes, but I just thought it's suprising that a lake that large, clear, and that supports an abundance of ciscoes would not have some big old lakers meandering the depths. Was wondering if anybody has ever caught any lakers in Brule recently or even in the past. Just curious I guess.
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04/24/2012 08:00PM
We caught the last of the lakers years ago. I think it was when we could still go into Brule with motors. It's too bad that they quit stocking them there, they were fun to catch (and eat)! Welcome to the board :)
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