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      I-35 construction starts 5/7
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05/05/2012 09:01PM
Just came back from Duluth and saw all the announcements for the summer construction season.
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05/06/2012 07:02AM
is there a list or a map that shows the areas under contstruction?
05/06/2012 07:48AM

Lovely (not).
05/06/2012 05:24PM
I've heard from a few different people that the construction should be fairly light conspire to years passed.
05/06/2012 05:28PM
coff coff..I am from away..and hesitate to suggest MN info from heah..

but does this help? 511
05/06/2012 06:38PM
Yes. Site bookmarked for future reference. Thanks.
05/07/2012 01:06AM
Thanks YC! Bookmarked as well. Your site also had a link to this site which shows "real time" travel times.
05/07/2012 12:36PM
perfect..i leave on the 5th..
05/07/2012 01:03PM
ugh. Ruined the drive on many a trip last year... wish someone would invent a permanent roadway that didn't require repairs! :)
05/07/2012 01:14PM
Last year I updated the TomTom the day before I left home, got through Duluth just fine. 9 days later, not so good. This is a legit topic if you have to go that way.
05/07/2012 02:09PM
It's part of the gig! A buddy of mine provides me with much laughter as he goes totally mental each year whenever we hit construction...and I am pretty sure his going mental never really does much to alleviate the construction he so hates.
05/07/2012 03:52PM
quote BWPaddler: "ugh. Ruined the drive on many a trip last year... wish someone would invent a permanent roadway that didn't require repairs! :)"

There is a simple way to make this happen, Make the state put a clause in all road work contracts that the contractor must guarantee their work for X number of years at no cost to repair to the state.

Trust me, these roads would never need repair. Also it should be illegal for a contractor to bid on repairing a road they built originally.
05/07/2012 03:56PM
Im going to get a really long ramp and get back a couple miles, then gun it and jump that sumbich :-) So if you see a Jeep Liberty airborne and it lands on your car while your stuck in road construction traffic, well that will be me !
05/08/2012 07:41AM
FYI - signs up on NB USHWY 53 this morning that northbound 53 across Blatnik (High) bridge will be closed starting May 14th at 0900. Haven't been able to find out for how long. Will be a slight detour for folks heading from WI to MN. Maybe extra 10 minutes most of day, bit longer between 7-8 a.m. weekdays.
05/08/2012 09:59AM
Pick up highway 61 in hinckly or sandstone and take it to Carlton. It's normally not as fast as 35 but with the meat grinder that's probably going to be happening it will alleviate a head ache or two.

My previous statement of construction not being bad was in regard I Duluth. I forgot about the rest of 35:)
05/08/2012 10:52AM
I would avoid it if it were possible, that 511 site is very handy though. Basically the American system of the lowest bidder wins causes poor work that you would never see on a road such as the autobahn, but that also costs much more to build.
05/08/2012 11:29AM
just as a odd-ball comment..for me the worst part of the drive north is from my place by the Vets Hospital in Mpls to the start of takes forever to make the stop and go drive up Hiawatha Ave and break out on to the freeway non stop to Cloquet.
05/09/2012 03:17PM
Update on the Blatnik (Hwy 53) closure. According to Duluth paper, MN bound lanes will be closed from May 14th until mid-summer and when those re-open the WI bound lanes will be closed until October.
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